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Workers of Ciren celebrate their 30 years with notable benefits

2019-03-04 10:33:36 / / Aylen Lesmes Bonachea

Workers of Ciren celebrate their 30 years with notable benefits

During the 30 years of foundation the International Center of Neurologic Restoration (Ciren) have made one thousand 188 surgeries to one thousand 109 patients with a great impact in the clinic improvement of most of them and a minimum of surgery and neurologic complications.

Parkinson, dystonias, pallithomies, subtalamotomies and thalamotomies are included among them and it has been demonstrated that those surgery procedures are safe and effective in the treatment of these diseases, sources of this institution affirmed to the News Cuban Agency. The institution was officially inaugurated by the Commandant in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz in February 26th of 1989, Ibero- Latin American Center for Transplantation and Regeneration of the Nervous System at that time.

Fara Paredes Polo, director of International Relationships remembered that in February 23rd of 1996, the Resolution 32 of the Ministry of Public Health adjudges to this institution the name of International Center of Neurologic Restoration.

Since the last November the activities due to the event began, they included courses of high quality, with the participation of specialists of great level in the national and international ambit which tackled with different topics.

Treatment to patients with chronic pain, epileptic peoples, the course and the open doors about the rehabilitation to neurologic patients and other about Multiple Sclerosis were among them.

In all of them a common denomination was present, and it is that the sublime work of that noble and human profession frames in the history the constant encouragement of the knowledge, aimed to help a person to reach the most complete physic, psychological, social, vocational and educational potential possible.

It is important to highlight that Ciren has contributed to the formation and it graduated to 28 residents, 23 in Neurology and 5 in Neurosurgery and at the present time there are 11 residents in training.

In the three decades there have been formed 21 doctors, in specific sciences 20 and 1 in general sciences, maximum category that it is given in the country, like so there are added one thousand 273 publications of impact also.

In the economic aspect the results have been to the height of the scientific- assistant work developed in the country during all these years.

Nowadays the maximum direction of the country deposits its trust in the potentialities of Ciren and the group of workers that work there, as one of the institutions of advance in the Cuban health system and the investments are prioritized just in projects that could report immediate profits to the economy.

In the ceremony because of the event, founders, people who have 25, 20, 15 and 10 years of labor will be rewarded, also as well as experts of other countries who have collaborated with Ciren and national institutions which in these three decades work together.

Since its creation to the current date, its specialists have paid attention, with novel approaches and recognized success to around 150 thousands patients of almost a hundred of countries from all the continents.

Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Angola, Chile and Colombia have been the nations more transmitter of cases to Ciren, it was said by its general director doctor Héctor Vera Cuesta, to the Cuban Agency of News.

Leader in Latin America and with world repercussion in the study of the movement disorders and the treatment of Parkinson, in the Epilepsy and the Dystonias, among other illnesses, this group, of national and international reference, arrive to its anniversary 30 with great achievements in benefit of the health of Cuba and other peoples.

By: Digital Editorial Staff

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