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Cuba Elected Vice-President of UN Decolonization Committee

Cuba was elected this Friday, unanimously, to hold a vice presidency of the Special Committee on the United Nations Organization

Brazil and Haiti Sign Cooperation Agreements

Several cooperation agreements between Brazil and Haiti were signed in this capital, in the presence of the presidents of both nations, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Rene Preval, respectively

French Businessmen Interested in Expanding Bonds with Cuba

Entrepreneurs from the French city of Mortagne-au- Perche and its mayor Jean-Claude Lenoir held several meetings today with a Cuban representation to expand business ties with the island

Miami New Times Newspaper Calls Posada Carriles a Killer

Miami’s newspaper New Times called Luis Posada Carriles a killer and a terrorist in an article about his case before the US justice and the support he has received from Washington

Health Prevention Work Needed in Haiti

“We have to carry out a comprehensive work of health prevention and manage to have the population cooperate with us”, affirmed Jacouni Nema Poudiougou, a member of the Henry Reeve Internationalist Brigade now offering its medical services in Haiti

Statement on the Need of Putting an End to the US Blockade of Cuba

Up next, the declaration on the need of putting an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, approved at the Summit for Unity held in Mexico

Press Repercussions of the Summit for Unity

International news agencies have echoed the Summit for Unity that recently concluded in Mexico and highlight the declaration issued against the US blockade of Cuba

Raúl Castro Stresses Agreement to Create a Regional Community

Cuban President Raúl Castro, said this Monday that the decision taken at the Summit of the Unity to create the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States is of historic importance

Dealing with the Challenges Regional Unity will Face is a Must, says Leonel Fernandez

The President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, urged on Tuesday the leaders meeting at the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity to solve the challenges unity will face in the region

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