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Israel to demolish more Palestinian schools and mosques

Palestinians in the occupied West Bank are simply being deprived of religious freedom and their children denied education as Israel keeps demolishing newly constructed mosques and schools

Trump ready to issue 100 pardons on last day in office

U.S. President Donald Trump is finalizing the details on one of his last acts as president when he will pardon or commute the sentences of more than 100 people before he leaves the White House

In parting shot, Trump halts supplies to China Huawei

In his dying days, Donald Trump has notified Huawei suppliers -- including United States-based chipmaker Intel -- that it is revoking certain licences to sell to the Chinese company

New survey shows most Americans oppose Trump pardoning himself

The majority of American citizens oppose the idea of U.S. president Donald Trump pardoning himself before leaving the White House on Wednesday

Brazil approves two COVID vaccines for emergency use

Brazil health regulator has granted emergency approval to two COVID-19 vaccines as the country gears up for a mass inoculation campaign during a devastating second wave of the pandemic

Vaccination of East Europeans faces hurdles amid public mistrust

Rising doubts spark mistrust among people and even officials about a vaccination campaign against the coronavirus pandemic in southeastern Europe

Trump orders CENTCOM to coordinate military actions with Israel

Outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the country Central Command (CENTCOM) to coordinate military activities with the Israeli regime, while also designating Persian Gulf Arab kingdoms of Bahrain

UK may fall back into recession as new lockdowns tighten

The British economy looks set to fall back into recession after official figures showed that it shrank by 2.6 percent month on month in November

Palestinians desperately await COVID-19 vaccine

Palestinians are being deprived of COVID-19 vaccines in the midst of a severe health crisis, especially in Israeli occupied territories

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© Radio Rebelde - 2020