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UK and South Africa COVID variants found in dozens of countries

A highly infectious mutation of the novel coronavirus first recorded in the United Kingdom last month has spread to dozens of countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)

IIrish report finds 9,000 babies and children died in homes run by Catholic Church

In Ireland, a devastating new report details the neglect and other abuse faced by tens of thousands of babies, children and women at so-called Mother and Baby homes

Israeli warplanes launch attacks on besieged Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes have carried out air raids on the besieged Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Information Center cited local sources as saying that an Israeli warplane fired

New York City terminates all contracts with Trump company

New York City has canceled all of its contracts with the U.S. President Donald Trump company in reaction to his role in the Capitol insurrection, a measure that can cost the Republican president $17 million a year

Boris Johnson describes ‘very very tough’ situation as COVID-19 deaths hit new record

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged the scale of the latest COVID-19 crisis by admitting the situation is “very, very tough” and the strain on the National Health Service

World Health Organization warns worst is yet to come

As confirmed global deaths from COVID-19 near 2 million, the World Health Organization is warning the worst of the pandemic may still lie ahead

CDC predicts 92,000 more U.S. deaths over next 3 weeks

Ninety-two thousand more people in the U.S. could die of COVID-19 in the next three weeks, according to a grim forecast issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Trump imposes more sanctions on Iran in dying days of administration

In its final days in power, the hawkish administration of lame-duck U.S. President Donald Trump has imposed new sanctions on Iranian foundations

U.S. officials say 70 charged in Capitol riot ‘just the beginning’

More than 170 investigative case files have been opened relating to the Capitol Hill riot in support of President Donald Trump that left five people dead last week, United States

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