Communists from around the World Criticize the European Parliament

Members of communist and labor groups from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America accused the European Parliament (EP) in Lisbon, Portugal, of lacking moral authority to criticize Cuba

Political Parties Reject Anti-Cuba Media Campaign

A resolution condemning an ongoing anti-Cuba international campaign orchestrated by powerful media outlets in the aftermath of actions recently carried out by counterrevolutionary elements in the Caribbean island, was approved during the closing session of the 14th International Seminar “Political Parties and New Society” that concluded on Sunday in Mexico City

Venezuela, Belarus to Strengthen Strategic Alliance

Venezuela and Belarus are promoting on Monday their strategic alliance with regard to energy, industry, agriculture and technology with the arrival of President Alexander Lukashenko to this capital

Spanish Communist Party Leader Describes Resolution against Cuba as Cynicism

As an act of political cynicism described Jose Luis Centella, general secretary of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), the resolution against Cuba adopted by the European Parliament (EP)

Henry Reeve Medical Brigade Treats some 200 000 Haitians

Nearly 200 thousand Haitians were treated by the Henry Reeve medical brigade after the earthquake of January 12, reports its coordinators

Venezuela to Produce Vaccines with the Help of Cuba

Venezuela is setting up, with Cuban consultancy, a plant to produce vaccines, which will be ready in three months and will contribute to support immunization programs in the country and also in South America

Cuba Presents Business Opportunities for Mexico

Business opportunities in Cuba for Mexican entrepreneurs were presented during a seminar held in the municipality of Guadalupe, in the northern state of Nuevo Leon

Spanish Political Leader Says European Parliament’s Anti-Cuba Resolution is Shameless

Jose Luis Centella, described an anti-Cuba resolution approved by the European Parliament (EP) as an act of political cynicism

Cuban Ambassador to European Parliament Slams Condemnation of Cuba

The Cuban ambassador before the European Union, Elio Rodriguez, described as “interfering and disrespectful” a resolution approved by the European Parliament (EP) condemning Cuba

Suriname’s Health Ministry Extols Work of Cuban Doctors

Celsius Waterberg, Suriname’s Health Minister, highlighted the work carried out by Cuban doctors in that South American country

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