Felipe Calderon Brings Summit of Unity to a Close

The two-day Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Unity held in Cancun was officially closed this Tuesday afternoon by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, according to international TV outlets

Community of Latin American and Caribbean States is Born

Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, announced the creation of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States at the Summit of the Latin America and Caribbean Unity, underway in Cancun

Active Participation of Cuban President Raul Castro in Mexican Summit for Unity

Cuban President Raul Castro participated actively in the sessions that took place on Monday at the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity, underway at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico

Brazil to Use Cuban Literacy Teaching Method

The Cuban Yes I Can literacy teaching method will be used in Brazil, where in 2005 a pilot project was carried out with this method in the state of Piaui

Chavez Considers Urgent Regional Integration

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez described this Monday in Cancun, Mexico, the need for the integration of Latin American and Caribbean peoples as urgent and a life or death issue

British Solidarity Group makes a Donation to the Cuban Medical Brigade Working in Haiti

The Solidarity-with-Cuba Campaign group, from the United Kingdom has donated 12,000 pounds sterling to the island’s “Henry Reeve” International Medical Brigade to be used for buying medical supplies to help the Haitian people

Mexico Summit Opens with a Call for Solidarity with Haiti

The Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity underway in Cancun, Mexico, started its sessions with a call for solidarity with the Haitian people in the face of the tragedy of January 12

Another Seismic Aftershock Shudders Haiti

An aftershock of 4.7 degrees on the Richter scale of the earthquake that recently devastated Haiti was registered on Monday in Port-au-Prince, without any new victims or damages reported so far

Cuban President Raul Castro Attends Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity

Cuban President Raul Castro heads the island’s delegation participating in the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity that will be in session on February 22-23 in Cancun, Mexico

Trial against Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles Postponed Once More

The decision of judge Kathleen Cardone of postponing once again the trial against terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and to set May 20 as the day for the hearing where the date will be determined has been described as the height of arrogance. Postponed three times, the trial had been scheduled for March 1st

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