Cuban Specialists Continue Study on Disabled People in Nicaraguan Capital

Cuban and Nicaraguan experts continue a study on disabled people in Nicaragua as part of a program called ĎTodos con vozí (Everyone with Voice) to provide them with medical assistance and, at the same time, restore their citizen rights

Cuban Ambassador to Addis Ababa Meets with Ethiopian Deputy Foreign Minister

Javier Viamontes, the Cuban ambassador in Addis Ababa and special envoy to the Summit of the African Union, had afraternal meeting earlier this week with Ethiopiaís Deputy Foreign Minister Tesfaye Girma

Cuban Contemporary Artists Exhibit their Works in Madrid

Pieces by Cuban artists Belkis Ayon and Los Carpinteros make up the Latin American contemporary art exhibition pertaining to the Daros Collection, inaugurated on Wednesday at the City Art Hall of Madridís Santander Group

Bolivian Municipality Free of Preventable Blindness

Cubaís cooperation has made it possible for the Bolivian municipality of Guayaramerin, in the Amazonian region of Beni, to be declared a territory free of preventable blindness

Cuba to Open Fifth Field Hospital in Haiti

The fifth Cuban field hospital in Haiti will soon be in operation after its arrival and transfer to Les Cayes, its final destination, with which efficiency in medical treatment to the population increases

ALBA Bloc Coordinates Intíl Assistance to Haiti

The solidarity work of the member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of the Americas (ALBA) regional integration and cooperation bloc, is facilitating the delivery of aid supplies and resources from other countries to the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince last January 12th

Haitian Authorities Estimate Death Toll at 200,000

According to reports by the Haitian government, the figure of corpses recovered from the rubble has now reached 150,000, but estimates the amount of deaths at 200,000, and at 194,000 that of people wounded

Situation of Cuban Children Highlighted by Indian Weekly Publication

Peopleís Democracy, the weekly publication of the Indian Communist Party (Marxist), highlights in a long article the eradication of severe malnutrition in Cuba, in spite of the US blockade of the island

Cuban Deputy FM Received in Tehran

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Marcos Rodriguez held official talks in Tehran with the Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, as part of his tour of countries in the Middle East

Correa, Chavez and Lugo in Bolivia for Evo Moralesís Inauguration

Presidents Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa and Fernando Lugo of Venezuela, Ecuador and Paraguay, respectively, arrived this Friday in Bolivia to attend the inauguration of Evo Morales Ayma, who was recently re-elected for a second term in office

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