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World MPs recognize the results of Cuba health care system

The Cuban National Assembly of People Power (ANPP by its Spanish acronym), highlighted on Sunday on Twitter the recognition by legislators from all continents of the results of the Cuban health system in the fight against COVID-19

Laura Pausini thanks Cuban doctors who helped fight COVID-19 in Italy

In a video call to a member of her fan club in Matanzas province (western Cuba), renowned Italian singer Laura Pausini thanked the Cuban doctors who went to her country to help fight COVID-19

St. Lucia and other Eastern Caribbean nations to apply Cuban medicine to fight COVID 19

Dr. Didacus Jules, director general of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), reported on Wednesday at a press conference the beginning of the use of Interferon alpha 2B in St. Lucia and other countries in that Caribbean region

International Peoples Assembly calls to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Cuban doctors

The International Peoples Assembly (AIP) called to sign and spread the petition for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to grant this award in 2021 to the Cuban Medical Brigade Henry Reeve, which offers its solidarity aid in various nations of the world

Andorra thanks Cuba help to face COVID-19

Andorra ratified today its gratitude to Cuba for the help provided by a Cuban medical brigade in the most difficult moments of the coronavirus pandemic in that nation

Antigua and Barbuda repudiate new attack against Cuban health missions

Gaston Browne, Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, called on the Caribbean nations to condemn the most recent bill presented by some American senators, which constitutes a new attack on Cuban medical collaboration in the world

Cuban FM warns about John Bolton confessions

The confessions of former United States National Security Minister John Bolton confirm the danger that that country represents for regional stability, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez warned

Caribbean nations reject US sanctions against Cuba

The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) demanded the lifting of the unjustified sanctions of the United States against Cuba and the economic, commercial and financial blockade

American Republican Senators foster new attack on Cuban health collaborators

A new attack against Cuba medical missions abroad was promoted by three American senators of the Republican Party, with the presentation of a bill aimed at punishing countries that accept such solidarity cooperation

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