Fidel Calls for Respect for Life and End of Wars

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Fidel Calls for Respect for Life and End of Wars
HAVANA, Cuba, In his most recent reflection article, entitled will Fair ideas triumph or will disaster prevail? Cuban Revolution leader says that if it’s now possible to prolong life, health and the useful time of the people and if it is now possible to plan the development of the population in tune with growing productivity, culture and the development of human values. What are they waiting for to do all that?

After making a retrospective look at the creation of the Soviet Union and the United Nations, Fidel asks if it would or would not be convenient to have in today’s world a real society of nations with respect to all rights, beliefs, cultures, technologies and places on the plant that so many people would like to visit.

Fidel goes one to say that it would be much fairer that all the people who now communicate instantly with one another around the planet can see in the others their friends, their sisters or brothers and not enemies willing to destroy them with the means that human intelligence has created.

The Cuban leader says that considering that human beings could treasure such objectives, nobody has the right to destroy cities, murder children, destroy homes and raise terror, hunger and death in all parts, since such actions could not be justified in any corner of the world.

He recalls that the world harbor illusions by setting up the United Nations, because a large part of humanity imagined the world body would follow those perspectives, although its objectives were not appropriately defined. And a big deceit takes place today as problems surface suggesting a possible war with the use of weapons that could put an end to human existence.

Fidel also criticizes those who consider it a merit to kill others in order to defend shameful interests, and he says that many are astonish at the statements of some European spokespersons with NATO which keep that line of thinking and the face of the Nazi SS.

Cuba has powerful adversary, said Fidel in direct reference to the United States, and he notes that Cubans said they would resist the US blockade, even at a high cost for the country. It was the feeling of a small and isolated nation, he stressed.

In his article, Fidel also analyzes the situation in the Middle East, the current threats posed by the so-called Islamist State in that part of the world, where it has taken hold of parts of Iraq and Syria.

And he asks if it wouldn’t be better to produce more food, more industrial products, raise hospitals and schools for billions of humans who need them, promote arts and culture, fight against diseases that kill over half of the sick, health workers and specialists who could finally do away with cancer and Ebola, dengue and Chikungunya, malaria and other conditions affecting the vital functions of human beings.

(Agencia Cubana de Noticias)

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