One more argument for the U:N:

While I am working with the already famous Greenspan book, I read an article published by El País, a Spanish newspaper with a circulation of more than 500,000, according to reports; I would like to pass this on to the readers. It is signed by Ernesto Ekaizer, and it literally reads

Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Aggression to the World Economy

In one of my reflections I made reference to gold bars deposited in the basements of the Twin Towers. This time the subject is quite a bit more complicated and hard to believe. Almost four decades ago scientists living in the United States discovered the Internet, the same way that Albert Einstein, born in Germany, discovered in his own time the formula to measure atomic energy

The Empire and Falsehood

Cuban President Fidel Castro on Wednesday reflected on the six long years since the painful September 11 episode in the US, about which it is known there has been deliberate disinformation

W and APEC

Fidel Castro deals with the hypocritical support that Bush gave to an Australian proposal during the meeting in Sydney of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation group (APEC)

The Super-Revolutionaries

President Fidel Castro criticized those who termed super-revolutionaries of the so-called far left that advice to the Cuban revolution pure poison, the most typical of the neoliberal formulae

Remembering Chibas, 100 years after his birth

: When I read Hart's article, published by Granma in commemoration of Chibás' birth, and saw it quoted a paragraph of the speech I delivered at the Colón Cemetery on January 16, 1959, eight days after my arrival in Havana following the revolutionary triumph, many memories of fallen, heroic comrades came to me

The empire and the independent island

The history of Cuba during the last 140 years is one of struggle to preserve national identity and independence, and the history of the evolution of the American empire, its constant craving to appropriate Cuba and of the horrendous methods that it uses today to hold on to world domination

A written record

Many events important events take place around the world. Some are related to Cuba. Sometimes, the news reaching our country are much more interesting than a simple reflection I can offer with the purpose of raising the public's awareness

Politics and sports

I am writing this quickly and a little late. I should do this because of the strong emphasis I have placed in the analysis of this matter

A reflection on hard and obvious realities

Because of its importance, I am prioritizing this subject, among others

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