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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of August
1 1828 Beginning of the colonization of the Isle of Pinetrees (current Island of Youth).
1958 Assassination in “El Principe” penitentiary of revolutionary combatants Vicente Ponce Carrasco, Reinaldo Gutierrez and Roberto de la Rosa.
3 1895 First edition of “El Cubano Libre”, directed by Antonio Maceo.
4 1839 Birth in Holguin of patriot Calixto Garcia.
1852 Birth of Claudio Brindis de Salas, called the “Black Paganini.”
1994 Antisocial hoodlums tried to kidnap a passenger boat in Havana Bay in order to migrate to the USA. In the attempt, they murdered police agent, underlieutenant Humberto Lamoth Caballero.
5 1555 Pirate Jacques de Sores landed in Havana and plundered the city.
1994 Groups of delinquents, spurred by Yankee propaganda, caused antisocial riots in Havana, seeking to migrate to the USA. The people, led by our Commander in Chief, managed to disarticulate the riots without using force. Day of Loyalty to the Homeland.
6 1960 Nationalization of 26 US firms, including the Electricity Company.
7 1925 Foundation of Cuban Workers Confederation.
8 1898 Resignation of General Calixto García in an unforgettable letter.
11 1888 Death of the illustrious agronomist Alvaro Reynoso.
1966 Foundation of the Continental Organization of Latin American Students (OCLAE in Spanish).
12 1933 A general strike toppled dictator Gerardo Machado.
13 1957 The tyranny murdered brothers Luis and Sergio Saiz y Montes de Oca.
14 1762 Beginning of British rule over Havana.
16 1814 Birth in Matanzas of poet Jose Jacinto Milanes.
1925 Foundation of Cuban Communist Party.
1951 Death of Eduardo Chibas, founder of the Orthodox Party.
17 1870 Execution in Santiago de Cuba of the author of Cuban national anthem “Perucho” Figueredo.
19 1823 Conspiracy “Rayos y Soles de Bolivar” was aborted.
1915 Death of Cuban scientist Dr. Carlos J. Finlay. He discovered the infection agent of the Yellow Fever: the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.
21 1871 Execution in La Cabaña of poet Juan Clemente Zenea.
1958 Commander Fidel Castro signed the order for the invasion of Las Villas in Sierra Maestra Mountain Range.
23 1960 Foundation of Cuban Women Federation.
24 1878 Paper money circulated in Cuba for the first time.
26 1879 Beginning of “La Guerra Chiquita.”
31 1895 The mambi army, under Antonio Maceo´s command, fought the battle of Sao del Indio.
1958 Beginning of East to West invasion, under the command of Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Che Guevara, the unforgettable Commanders.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020