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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of January
1 1899 First US occupation in our country
1957 The bodies of revolutionary fighters William Soler Ledea, 15 years, and Froilan Guerra Ramirez, 17, were found in Santiago de Cuba
1959 Triumph of the Revolution, led by Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.
2 1959 Arrival to Havana of the “Antonio Maceo” column, led by the unforgettable Commander Camilo Cienfuegos.
3 1896 The invasion of the Independence Army, led by Generals Antonio Maceo and Maximo Gomez, reached Havana.
5 1959 The Revolutionary Government dissolved the Congress of the Republic and declared extinct the posts of mayors, governors and councilmen
1961 Murder of literacy teacher Conrado Benítez.
7 1896 Victory of the troops under Maximo Gomez’s command in the battle of Ceiba del Agua. Maceo reached the outskirts of Pinar del Rio City.
8 1940 Sergio Saiz y Montes de Oca was born in San Juan y Martinez. He and his brother were murdered by Fulgencio Batista’s assassins in August 13 1957.
1959 Victorious arrival to Havana of the Rebel Army, led by Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.
10 1929 Assassination in Mexico of revolutionary leader Julio Antonio Mella
12 1869 Cuban patriots burn to the ground their first capital, Bayamo; before the arrival of the Spanish Army.
14 1934 Antonio Guiteras decreed the nationalization of Cuban Electricity Company, so far a branch of a US Company.
15 1953 Ruben Batista was deadly wounded in a students’ demonstration.
16 1934 Death of Ruben Martinez Villena, restless fighter of Cuban Proletariat.
17 1896 Antonio Maceo successfully commanded the battle of Las Taironas, in Pinar del Rio.
19 1869 Jose Marti’s first article was published by “El Diablo Cojuelo” newspaper.
22 1869 Bloody events of Villanueva theater.
1948 Sugar union leader, Jesus Menendez, was murdered in Manzanillo.
23 1869 Jose Marti’s dramatic poem “Abdalla” was published in “La Patria Libre” newspaper.
1896 Antonio Maceo successfully completed the invasion campaign in Mantua, Pinar del Rio.
1998 Pope John Paul XXIII began the first visit to Cuba of a Supreme Pontiff and was welcomed by Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.
26 1855 The conspiracy of Catalonian Ramon Pinto was exposed.
27 1924 First homage to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in Cuba. An olive tree was planted in Regla, in the former Fortress Hill, known ever since as Lenin’s Hill.
1959 Rebel commander Francisco “Paco” Cabrera accidentally died in Caracas, Venezuela.
28 1953 Birth of Jose Julian Marti y Perez, our Independence Apostle.
1960 The revolutionary government handed over the Moncada Garrison to the Ministry of Education, which turned it into the School City “July 26.”
29 1895 Jose Marti signed the order for the uprising that triggered the resumption of the Independence War. The order would be executed on February 24.
1961 Beginning of the first people’s sugar harvest.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
© Radio Rebelde - 2020
© Radio Rebelde - 2020