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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of July
1 1829 Birth of poet Juan Cristobal Napoles Fajardo (El Cucalambe).
1871 Federico Fernandez Cavada executed in Nuevitas.
1940 Signing of the new Constitution in a solemn ceremony held in the “Salvador Cisneros Betancourt” School, in Guaimaro, Camagüey. The first Constitution of the Republic in Arms was signed there in April 10 1869.
1960 Expropriation of the subsidiaries of the two largest transnational oil companies that operated in the Island: ESSO (USA) and SHELL (United Kingdom), because they refused to comply with the Revolutionary Government’s order to refine Soviet oil. Two days before, US company TEXACO had been nationalized for the same reason. The Revolution thus thwarted the imperialist attempt to deprive our country of oil and paralyze the economy.
1968 Distribution to the Cuban people of Che Guevara’s diary in Bolivia. The prologue was written by Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro.
1986 Fidel inaugurated the Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in the capital of the country.
2 1626 Dutch pirates, led by corsair Hans Van-Dorr, were repelled in Havana.
3 1898 Santiago de Cuba sea battle. The Spanish fleet, commanded by Admiral Pascual Cervera, was destroyed.
1915 Birth of Juan Manuel Marquez, expeditionary on Granma yacht.
4 1936 Death of poet Bonifacio Byrne.
5 1896 General Jose Maceo died in the battle of Loma del Gato.
1934 Death of Agustin Martin Veloz, Martinillo, outstanding fighter and founder of the Socialist Party in the city of Manzanillo.
6 1763 British occupants left Havana.
1885 Jose Marti explained his concept of leadership in a letter to Enrique Trujillo, chief editor of “El Avisador Cubano”: “Most people only see the present and their vission does not reach far. Others see the present and the future. This is how people’s issues should be viewed, for the present is nothing but the way to reach the future.”
1973 Children’s Day celebrated for the first time ever. Fidel and Raul met a representation of pioneers from all over the country.
1982 Death of Raul Roa Garcia, a committed revolutionary and energetic intellectual. His exemplary performance as Minister of Foreign Affairs earned him the title of Foreign Minister of Dignity.
9 1898 Santiago de Cuba shelled by US fleet.
1958 Murder of revolutionary fighters Pedro Martinez Brito and Jose Rodriguez Vedo (Tato)
11 1800 Birth in Havana of educator Jose de la Luz y Caballero.
12 1854 Birth of Juan Gualberto Gomez, Jose Marti’s delegate in Cuba.
13 1895 Peralejo battle. Important victory of the mambises (liberation army) under Antonio Maceo’s command.
14 1960 Three US Navy warships trespassed Cuban territorial waters in the vicinity of Sigua Beach, south of the the former province of Oriente. They maneuvered and practiced shooting in those waters.
1962 Fisherman Rodolfo Rosell Salas found dead. He was a victim of the atrocities perpetrated by the marines stationed in Guantanamo naval base.
1962 Inauguration of Havana-Moscow radio-telephone line.
15 1689 Foundation of Santa Clara City.
16 1881 Birth of Cuban scholar Fernando Ortiz Fernandez.
1898 The Spanish Army surrended in Santiago de Cuba.
1903 Cuban Senate "ratified" the Leasing Agreement of coal supply stations and the naval base in Guantanamo Bay.
19 1960 The Foreign Minister of Dignity, Raul Roa, reiterated Cuban allegations against the USA at UN Security Council. He accused US goverment of perpetrating all sorts of aggressions against the Revolution and the Cuban people. The Revolutionary Government thus reaffirmed its full right to resort to the Security Council to advocate its positions and stated that any rostrum was appropriate to uphold national sovereignty.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020