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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of March
1 1958 The “Frank Pais” column, under Raul Castro’s command, left Sierra Maestra Mountain Range, in order to open the Second Eastern Front in Sierra Cristal Range.
2 1939 Death of song-writer Amadeo Roldan.
3 1959 The revolutionary government nationalized the “Cuban Telephone Company” and the “Cooperative of Associated Buses.” It also lowered telephone fees.
4 1870 Marti is condemned to 6 years of imprisonment by a Spanish War Council.
1960 French merchant ship “La Coubre” blown in CIA sabotage at Havana docks. More than 70 people killed.
5 1933 Death of patriot Juan Gualberto Gomez.
1960 Commander in Chief Fidel Castro spoke at the funeral of the victims of “La Coubre” sabotage. For the first time he said the slogan “Revolutionary Motherland or Death.”
8 1931 International Women’s Day celebrated in Cuba for the first time, at the headquarters of Cuban Workers Federation. Police forces disbanded the meeting.
1942 Death of brilliant chess player Jose Raul Capablanca.
10 1959 Commander Camilo Cienfuegos tore apart Columbia Garrison checkpoint 6.
11 1896 Maceo fought the battle of Nueva Paz.
1949 Yankee marines desecrated Apostle Jose Marti’s statue in Havana Central Park.
13 1896 The invasion column stormed Batabano.
1957 Assault to tyrant Fulgencio Batista’s lair in the Presidential Palace. Student leader Jose Antonio Echevarria killed.
15 1874 Beginning of Las Guasimas battle, which ended the 19th.
1878 Baragua Protest. Maceo warned the Spanish Government that he would continue fighting.
16 1960 Foundation of the Central Planning Board.
17 1896 Birth of German scientist Juan Cristobal Gundlach, who studied in depth Cuban wildlife.
18 1958 Murder of revolutionary fighter Sergio Gonzalez (El Curita).
19 1828 Inauguration of El Templete arbor in Habana City.
20 1930 First general strike against dictator Gerardo Machado.
21 1962 Commander in Chief Fidel Castro received the “Lenin” Peace Prize.
22 1768 Introduction of coffee in Cuba. By 1797 there were 5 plantations in Wajay.
1959 First people’s parade and demonstration in front of the Presidential Palace.
25 1895 Signature of the Montecristi Manifesto, drafted by Jose Marti and Maximo Gomez.
26 1849 Birth of patriot Manuel Sanguily in Obrapia street.
28 1957 Francisco Soto Hernandez, sergeant of the Rebel Army, died in the battle of El Uvero.
29 1868 Pirate Henry Morgan plundered Puerto Principe (current city of Camagüey).
1962 Beginning of the trial against the mercenaries defeated at Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs).
30 1849 Death of scientist Tomas Romay, who introduced vaccination in our country.
31 1589 The construction of Havana military fortress began under the supervision of Juan de Tejeda and engineer Bautista Antonelli.
1855 Execution in La Punta of patriot Francisco D’Strampes Gomez.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
© Radio Rebelde - 2020
© Radio Rebelde - 2020