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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of May
1 1961 Nationalization of private schools. Inauguration of Radio Havana-Cuba Radio Station.
2 1959 Commander in Chief Fidel Castro attended the 21’s meeting.
3 1960 Arrival to Sierra Maestra Mountain Range of the first voluntary teachers.
5 1895 Meeting of Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo in La Mejorana.
7 1797 Birth in Bayamo of Jose Antonio Saco.
1839 Jose Maria Heredia died in Mexico.
1870 Patriot Domingo Goicuria garroted to death.
8 1796 Introduction in Cuba of sugar cane, under the name of Otahiti or Tahiti.
1935 Murder of Antonio Guiteras Holmes in El Morrillo, Matanzas.
1967 Cuban revolutionary Antonio Briones Montoto killed in Venezuelan seashore.
10 1869 Guaimaro burned.
11 1873 Major General Ignacio Agramonte killed in the fields of Jimaguayu.
15 1795 Foundation of San Antonio Abad or San Antonio de los Baños.
1955 Fidel and his comrades in arms in the attack to Moncada Garrison released from prison.
1956 Assassination of young revolutionary Ruben Aldama.
16 1938 Opening edition of newspaper “HOY.”
1961 Foundation of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).
17 1959 The Land Reform Act enacted from “La Plata”, Sierra Maestra.
1962 Foundation of the Institute of History.
19 1895 Death in Dos Rios of Apostle Jose Marti.
20 1902 Inauguration of the rogue Republic, under Tomas Estrada Palma’s presidency.
1912 Beginning of the so-called “War of the Colored Independents.” The rebels were horrible massacred.
22 1765 Birth of economist Francisco de Arango y Parreño.
1903 Signing of Cuba-USA Permanent Treaty. The Yankees imposed and enforced the Platt Amendment for many years, until 1934.
23 1866 Birth of academician Tranquilino Sandalio de Noda.
24 1957 Landing of expeditionaries aboard the boat “Corinthia.”
25 1848 Attempted annexation of Cuba by James K. Polk.
26 1964 Inauguration of the “Felipe Poey” Museum of Natural History at the Cuban Academy of Sciences.
28 1957 Victory of the rebels against the tyranny forces in the battle of El Uvero. The expeditionaries of the boat “Corinthia” were slaughtered in Cabonico.
29 1586 Pirate Francis Drake sails in sight of Havana Port.
1934 Platt Amendment repealed.
31 1898 US Navy shelled Santiago de Cuba City and interfered in the Spanish-Cuban War.
Note: International Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of this month.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020