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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of November
3 1923 Inauguration of "Jose Marti People's University", organized and directed by Julio Antonio Mella
4 1868 Uprising of Las Clavellinas, in Camagüey.
6 1903 Death of Diego Vicente Tejera, poet and founding father of socialist ideas in Cuba.
7 1863 Birth of Julian del Casal, poet and founder of Modernism.
8 1958 Murder of underground fighters Angel Amejeiras (Machaco), Pedro Rodriguez and Rogelio Perea (Rogito).
11 1868 First oath sworn to the Motherland's Flag in Sibanicu.
1934 Victory of peasants' mass movement in Realengo 18, under the slogan "Land or Blood". It was an armed insurrection that claimed for their right to land.
13 1845 Birth of Marta Abreu in Santa Clara.
1906 Foundation of the Cuban Socialist Party, as a result of the merger between the International Socialist Association and the Socialist Workers Party.
14 1958 Columns of the II Eastern Front captured Imias Garrison.
15 1863 Death of Juan Jacinto Milanes, outstanding poet from Matanzas.
16 1999 IX Summit of Heads of Ibero American Heads of State and Government held in Havana.
18 1836 Birth of Generalissimo (Major General) Maximo Gomez, in Bani, Dominican Republic.
1903 Carlos Baliño founded the Club of Socialist Propaganda.
19 1837 Inauguration of Cuban first railroad, from Havana to Bejucal.
1888 Birth of Jose Raul Capablanca, genius of world chess.
1933 Death of youth educator Enrique Jose Varona.
20 1957 Murder of Jose Maria Perez Capote, communist and union leader of transportation workers.
20 1958 Battle of Guisa: the Rebel Army forced tyranny troops to run away.
23 1958 Camilo Cienfuegos and his column stormed and occupied Zulueta Garrison in the former province of Las Villas.
1959 Che Guevara made the first voluntary work in Cuba at the construction site of a School City in Caney de las Mercedes.
24 1884 Death of Rafael Maria de Mendive, teacher of Apostle Jose Marti.
25 1956 The expedition aboard Granma Yacht took off from Tuxpan, Mexico
1958 Braulio Coroneaux died in the battle of Guisa.
1959 The Council of Ministers appointed Ernesto Guevara as President of Cuban National Bank.
26 1961 Counterrevolutionary bands murdered literacy teacher Manuel Ascunce Domenech and peasant Pedro Lantigua.
1963 Enactment of Obligatory Military Service Act (SMO in Spanish).
27 1788 Birth of philosopher Felix Varela Morales.
1871 Execution of eight students of Medicine.
1893 Death of Mariana Grajales, mother of the Maceo brothers.
1953 Murder of revolutionary fighter Mario Fortuny.
1958 Forces of "Frank Pais" II Eastern Front stormed and occupied the Alto Songo fortress.
29 1895 The invasion column crossed Moron fortress-line.
1957 Death in battle of outstanding revolutionary combatant Ciro Redondo.
1960 Commander Manuel Fajardo (Piti) killed fighting against the counterrevolutionary bands in Escambray Mountain Range.
30 1665 Havana received the coat of arms.
1956 Insurrection in Santiago de Cuba, in support of Granma Yacht landing. Revolutionary leaders Pepito Tey, Otto Parellada and Tony Aloma were killed.
1958 End of the battle of Guisa with a victory for the Rebel Army.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020