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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of October
1 1954 Jose Antonio Echevarria was elected president of the Federation of University Students
3 1961 Murder of literacy teacher Delfin Sen Cedre.
1965 Foundation of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party.
4 1896 Victory of the liberation army in the battle of Ceja del Negro.
1921 Foundation of Havana Workers Federation.
1963 The revolutionary government passed the Second Law of Land Reform.
Devastating hurricane "Flora" struck the former province of Oriente.
6 1958 Commanders Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara crossed the Jucaro fortress-line.
1976 A Cuban airliner that carried 73 people blown off in mid-flight. All members of the national junior fencing team, the crew and other passengers, including Cuban citizens, perished. The crime was perpetrated by counterrevolutionary thugs.
8 1871 Rescue of Brigadier Julio Sanguily by troops under Major General Ignacio Agramonte’s command.
1960 Foundation of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP).
1967 Battle of Quebrada del Yuro. Commander Ernesto Che Guevara captured and assassinated by the Bolivian Army. Cuban guerilla fighters Orlando Pantoja Tamayo, Rene Martinez Tamayo and Alberto Fernandez Montes de Oca were also killed.
10 1868 Beginning of the 10 Years War. Cespedes’ cry of freedom in La Demajagua.
1958 Foundation of IV Rebel Front “Simon Bolivar.”
Land Reform enacted in La Plata, Sierra Maestra Mountain Range, for the territories liberated by the Rebel Army.
11 1868 Cespedes liberated the town of Yara. First battle of the Liberation Army.
12 1967 Internationalist Fighter Octavio de la Concepcion de la Pedraja killed in Bolivia.
13 1960 Nationalization of foreign banks and private banks in Cuba.
14 1960 First Law of Land Reform passed by the revolutionary government.
15 1923 Opening of the first Students’ National Congress, organized and led by Julio Antonio Mella. One of its resolutions was the foundation of the foundation of “Jose Marti People’s University.”
16 1953 Commander in Chief Fidel Castro acted as his own lawyer in the trial for the events of Moncada Garrison.
1959 Foundation of the Ministry of Armed Forces (MINFAR).
17 1948 Assassination of dock workers union leader Aracelio Iglesias.
20 1868 Independence troops, led by Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, captured Bayamo City.
1927 Birth in Encrucijada of Abel Santamaria, heroic assailant of Moncada Garrison.
21 1948 Murder of Sabino Pupo Milian, leader of Camagüey peasants.
1980 Establishment of the National Day of Culture.
21 1896 Spanish Governor Valeriano Weyler passed the Concentration Decree.
1960 Merging of Cuban Youth Movement.
22 1865 First edition of the first Cuban weekly proletarian publication “La Aurora" (The Dawn).
1895 The Liberation Army started the East-West Invasion. Major General Antonio Maceo took off from Mangos de Baragua.
1962 Beginning of the October Crisis (Missiles Crisis). The revolutionary government decreed combat alarm.
23 1887 Death of engineer Francisco Albear, builder of Havana City water supply system.
24 1960 Nationalization of US firms in Cuba, in response to the blockade decreed by US government.
25 1983 Cuban construction workers fought against Yankee militaries that raided Granada.
26 1868 First machete charge of the Liberation (Mambi) Army in Pinos de Baire. (Most of the slaves liberated in the war joined the Liberation Army and used their former working tool as a lethal weapon)
1959 Foundation of the National Revolutionary Militia. Unforgettable Commander Camilo Cienfuegos made his last speech.
27 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the Island of Cuba.
28 1812 Birth in San Diego de Nuñez of novel writer Cirilo Villaverde.
1896 General Calixto Garcia captured the city of Guaimaro.
1959 Commander Camilo Cienfuegos’ plane disappeared in mid-flight.
29 1897 Adoption of Yara Constitution, the last of the Republic in Arms.
1956 The tyranny massacred a group of students that had sought refuge in the Embassy of Haiti.
31 1897 Salvador Cisneros Betancourt handed over the presidency of the Republic in Arms to Bartolome Maso.
1958 Camilo Cienfuegos captured the Venegas Garrison with his Column No.2.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020