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Day Year    Historical dates of Cuba in the month of September
1 1851 Execution of Narciso Lopez in La Punta.
2 1960 The People’s General Assembly adopted the First Havana Declaration.
4 1640 The pirate known as “Peg Leg” reached the outskirts of Havana.
1899 Foundation in Havana of the General League of Cuban Workers.
5 1957 Uprising in Cienfuegos and capture of Cayo Loco. It was savagely suppressed by the tyranny.
11 1844 Birth of poet Jose Joaquin Palma, author of Guatemala national anthem.
12 1919 Spanish steamboat “Valbanera” sank close to Havana Port.
13 1895 Jimaguayu Constituent Assembly.
14 1959 Columbia military fortress handed over to the Ministry of Education.
16 1895 Signing of Jimaguayu Constitution.
17 1896 Maceo reached Guane.
1958 The tyranny murdered Lydia Doce and Clodomira Ferrals.
19 1837 Birth of Benito Viñes, a scientist that discovered the Laws of Hurricane Circulation and Motion across the Caribbean Sea.
21 1953 Beginning of the trial against the heroic attackers of Moncada Garrison.
23 1728 Foundation and establishment of Havana University.
26 1879 Death of Jose Antonio Saco, reformist writer and poet.
1960 Fidel Castro’s trascendental speech at the United Nations.
27 1958 Murder of militia captain Fernando Alfonso Torice (Morua) in Hatuey street, Arroyo Apolo.
28 1852 Cuban patriot Eduardo Facciolo Alba was garroted to death. He was the typographer of “La Voz del Pueblo Cubano.” (The Voice of Cuban People)
29 1906 Second US military occupation in Cuba, under Mr. Magoon’s command.
30 1930 Murder of university student Rafael Trejo by tyrant Gerardo Machado’s agents.
(Translated by: Pedro A. Fanego)
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© Radio Rebelde - 2020