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Cuban Butterflies to Travel Worldwide

2014.06.10 - 09:04:54 / web.radiorebelde@icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

Cuban Butterflies to Travel Worldwide. Photo by Lucia Sanz Araujo

Nine Cuban endemic butterflies, which were dawn by the anti-terrorist fighter Antonio Guerrero on the occasion of the Cuban recent stamp series entitled ´Cubanía en mariposas III,´ was put into circulation in Havana city with which it is being paid homage to the National Natural History museum due to its fifty anniversary.

On this occasion, it is shown the Oarisma nanus; Astraptes cassander; Holguinia Holguin; Parachoranthus magdalia, Eunica heraclitus; Chioides marmosorsa, Eantis munroei, Panoquina corrupta and the Eurema Amelia one, along with an utter scientific and related rigor.

This way, it has been a fact that all the drawings painted by Tony Guerrero have been taken to the philatelic world. They are all about those exclusive Lepidoptera from our nation that he has drawn through all of these years of confinement in U.S prisons.
It was significant that the heroes from the Republic of Cuba Fernando González Llort and René González Sehwerert, as well as Mirtha Rodríguez, who is the mother of Antonio Guerrero, carried out the cancelation process of the first day of that issue.

Antonio Guerrero began painting the aforementioned butterflies at the beginning of the month of March 2011. The idea of that project was conceived by the then director of the local National History Museum, Reinaldo Rojas Consuegra. The anti-terrorist fighter was properly guided by Jorge Luis Fontela Rizo, who is a biologist and specialist in butterflies.

The images, which were used by him as a reference, are part of the collections of the local Ecología y Sistemática Institute from Cuba and they were photographed by the prestigious and already late photographer Liborio Noval.

Tony Guerrero said after finishing his drawings: “it almost seems a dream and it is a dream come true to me, so I do hope that all the works get properly to their destination and they could be useful for the local National Natural History Museum through its important mission about promoting for all our people and the world our Natural History that is currently linked to the revolutionary work that has preserved our fauna and flora.”

The first issue of the series named ´Cubanía en mariposas´ was created in May, 2012, and had eighth stamps showing the same quantity of Lepidoptera, then, a year later, the second one began to circulate and it has been well-valued by the thematic philatelists, mainly.

By Lucía Sanz Araujo Guerrero

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