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A Few Efforts that can do Much More

2022-03-03 01:16:17 / / JC Caballero Puig

A Few Efforts that can do Much More

The US blockade, intensified and inhumane, is there; it increases the volume of its actions against Cuba and we have experienced through all the confronting the Pandemic stage.

However, other walls will have to be broken to think differently and carry out the proper leap into the current 2022 that the country's highest authorities have requested to recover us from almost two years of impact on our economy and the society from a virus of which its consequences, we already know.

Nevertheless, that must be specified and put into practice and it is very true that the shortcomings in terms of material order and financial resources exist by hitting us in the face every day; the worst option would be also to do nothing, and that would never be for Cuba.

Given the country, from its central government, has been able to revolutionize and transforming working methods and systems by giving greater flexibility to the Socialist state enterprise as the nation's main productive actor, which includes more autonomy, this should lead to a "shake” that could be expressed in greater results by increasing the local Quality offers, and we say it in capital letters in order to help minimizing the impact that inflation has on the local economy today.

Nevertheless, it is abundantly obvious; the abovementioned must be accompanied by the related strategic thinking about what to produce, what does the internal market need, with what resources to do it, how do I link up with other actors of the state national economy or non-state forms of production, what do I do with the profits, do I invest them only in wages for the workers or to grow also in infrastructure and logistical assurances necessary to ensure the sustainability of the production processes, what lines can I also export to replenish all and have greater financial income in this way.

There are many questions in just a second.  

The socialist state enterprise is like our heavyweight, which when it "hits" must leave traces of greater production and quality.

It is not possible for some people to state that in the non-state production forms, which are necessary and complementary to the Cuban economy, a related culture of detail can be achieved and in many of our enterprises, some of which are currently losing money, which should not be the answer.   

We have to change mentalities, along with strategic thinking, reading between lines, managing productions and solutions from Science and Innovation to grow, doing more and better things, in other words:Organizational, structural and process innovation is required to "get" the most to human resources, technology and financial resources.  

We live in different times, because the Pandemic has closed essential raw materials markets for supplies for some production lines, the cost of freight, even with the contracting in the "hands", is very high, and that raw material or production line is not always available at the desired moment.

That is another challenge, a challenge that means an opportunity to grow.  

Given Cuba has always gone through difficult times, because the US blockade is there and will continue to exist, and the creative resistance concept cannot be a dream, but rather a reality in every space, and in every enterprise.  

We must continue thinking about local projects, and the way the companies located in that space in the territories can insert their productions by contributing to solving problems.

That constant revolutionary restlessness, as the Cuban president has said himself, will lead us to advance a little every day, every month and every year. A few related efforts do a lot.

 By Demetrio Villaurrutia


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