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Al Mayadeen TV: An Alternative against the Mass Media Power

2013.10.03 - 08:52:12 / web.radiorebelde@icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

Al Mayadeen TV: An Alternative against the Mass Media Power

The mass media which correspond to the capitalistic ideology are certainly enterprises designed for disrupting the culture that act on behalf of the great economic interests and the expansion through new territories.

They are capable to modify the public opinion through the use of powerful and distorted tools to break the infrastructure of any society.

Taking into consideration the urgent necessity to weaken that powerful mass media, there are other alternative mass media which are aimed at strengthening and divulgating the ethical and moral principles in favor of a social development of mankind.

We find an example on the Al Mayadeen TV which is an independent and satellite Arab channel of news which has appeared for its first time here in one of the stands of the current International Radio and Television Festival which is holding sessions during these days in Havana city.

The advisor for Latin America from that Lebanese network, Wafy Ibrahim, highlighted during an interview the fact that audiovisual network, which was founded in 2012, has become a very effective and reliable alternative news network not only for the Middle East as such but also for the entire world.

“Its slogan shows it itself,’ The reality it is as certainly it is.´ Moreover, It is a TV channel that fight for taking the truth to the people, specially for all of us who live in a region where there have been many governments changed due to the mass manipulation and the plans and plots where the capitalistic mass media have played an important role in relation to the its media attacks, so this TV network appears precisely from the idea in relation to counteract that colossal media offensive against our peoples.” Wafy Ibrahim explained.

The Al Mayadeen TV network, which has its main venue in Beirut city, broadcast 24 hours a day and shows ten daily news reports and around 17 diverse programs. Its correspondents work from some nations of the world such as the United Sates, Russia, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other European and Arab nations.

“That news network constitutes a true opportunity for the journalist who fight for discovering the truth and practice his/her profession based on principles and not on the money so that their work could be carried out, specially in nations which have had to experienced colossal tragedies like massacres of children, women and elderly people.” Wafy Ibrahim, who also works as a reporter, added.

The unity of the Arab world, the social justice and the right of the peoples to choose their destiny and even rejecting the interference or foreign dominance are among the values that are defended by the Lebanese Channel; however, the Al Mayadeen TV network is not the only one within its news work.

“We are fighting, along with those friendly channels which are also fighting in the same media trench where the young people play a key role in relation to their commitment with the reality.” Wafy Ibrahim said.

The Lebanese representative expressed that there is already an idea in relation to bring that channel into the radio world and she also said that the channel has a website for those people who cannot pick the signal of the Al Mayadeen TV Network up.

“We are working in order to cover the majority of the continents,” Wafy Ibrahim, the National Coordinator of the Lebanese Committee of solidarity for the freedom of the Five, pointed out.

During the aforementioned conversation, Wafy Ibrahim highlighted the great importance and meaning for that channel and the people from her nation of international figures such as Ernesto Che Guevara and the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz.

“Likewise, the Commander in Chief, Hugo Chávez is like a symbol for them and the channel was in mourning for two months when he passed away which was a period when we broadcast many spots with his image and photo under the rain during his last electoral campaign, so all the people who works at the channel felt that had lost a father.” Wafy Ibrahim pointed out.

Regarding the perspectives of his presence in that world event for the radio and television which is being held at the Convention Center in the Cuban capital, she said: “Our main goal is divided into three aspects. The first one is to approach the Cuban people which has given a lot to the world and has not received enough in return.”

“The second aspect is precisely to approach Latin America to contact and establish relations with the TV networks which are similar to ours in relation to their cause and the political trench to be able to create what our Lebanese President said: An international and united news network against all those mass media which are battling against us. Moreover, the third aspect is to take and show our difficult reality to everyone and encouraging all our friends worldwide to be by our side and against the war, taking into consideration that we do not want more deaths let alone more pain.” Wafy Ibrahim concluded. By Abel Rojas Barallobre

Al Mayadeen TV: An Alternative against the Mass Media Power

Al Mayadeen TV: An Alternative against the Mass Media Power

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