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Alejo Carpentier Prize of Novel, Short Story and Rehearsal Announced

2011.08.10 - 15:53:39 / / JC Caballero Puig

Alejo Carpentier Prize of Novel, Short Story and Rehearsal AnnouncedHavana, Cuba.-  The official announcement of the Alejo Carpentier Prize and contest of Novel, short story and rehearsal will run until October 1st, 2011.

Sponsored by the Letras Cubanas publishing house, the Alejo Carpentier foundation and the Cuban Book institution, the event, which will be held for the third time, aspires to promote the creation of literary works in the aforementioned genres.

With free subject matter that are centered in the case of the rehearsal to topics of artistic or literary interest, all Cuban writers, who have no previous editorial links or taking part in a similar event, could participate with unpublished works.

The author´s participation is limited to the announced genres. Moreover, those prizewinning writers in events of this kind could only take part in genres that they had not been awarded before.

The jury of the Alejo Carpentier prize and contest of Novel, Short story and Rehearsal will be made up of prestigious intellectuals, who will award the prizes of the event during the 2012 International Book Fair of Havana. Besides, the jury could recommend to the Letras Cubanas publishing house and other similar institutions the publication of the best works of the contest.

The works should be sent to the Letras Cubanas publishing house located at 302 Obispo on Aguiar Street in Old Havana. By Lea Aneiro

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