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Bohemia mía Filín Festival event: a Feeling as a Song

2022-04-04 16:28:30 / / JC Caballero Puig

Bohemia mía Filín Festival event: a Feeling as a Song

Havana city.- The Bohemia Mia Filin Festival event is committed to becoming a space for the rescue and safeguarding of this Cuban musical genre, created almost 80 years ago in Havana city´s Cayo Hueso neighborhood.

On June 21st, 22nd and 23rd, the Cuban capital, a creative city in the music genre, will be covered by the Bohemia event and the feeling by paying homage to all the performers and composers who have made this musical style a form of artistic and emotional expression.

Sponsored by the Provincial Government of People's Popular Power in Havana city and the local Secretary's office of the Communist party in the territory, the festival has the support of some cultural institutions of the capital city.

Conceived and promoted by the singer and composer, Osdalgia Lesmes, the Bohemia Mia Filin Festival event also proposes the celebration of a contest of talents that seeks to revitalize that musical style and give visibility to newcomers fans of that musical genre.

The related call invites people over 18 years of age to participate in the singing categories, accompanied guitarist and unpublished composition, which will compete before the attentive gaze of a prestigious jury, which is made up of outstanding artists from Cuba´s cultural scene, including the outstanding local teacher, José Luis Cortés, locally known as "El tosco", the singer Migdalia echavarría, the artistic director and choreographer Santiago Alfonso and the ethnologist and anthropologist Miguel Barnet.

Dedicated to the 95th anniversary of José Antonio Méndez, the centenary of César Portillo de la Luz, as well as the interpretive legacy of Omara Portuondo and the work by Marta Valdés, the Bohemia mía Filin Festival event intends to return to the nights of Havana city the atmosphere of feeling, romanticism and mysticism of a musical genre that embodies and arouses passions with a melodic ease,without an equal.

*By Erick Mendez Diaz 

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