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Cuba-Ron Company launches New Rum to the Market

2011.01.06 - 08:50:02 / ACN

Caney 12 years, Cuban rum.
.- Renown Cuba-Ron S.A Company launched the Caney 12 years to the market, a new product of excellent quality that represents the best traditions of Cuban rum culture.

Rum master Tranquilino Placencia told ACN news agency that this new beverage was created by experts at the legendary Santiago de Cuba rum factory, where the Cuban light rums were born.

Placencia said the entire production of the Caney 12 years is already sold, a show of the preference Cuban rums, a source of hard currency for the country, have in the international markets.

Cuba-Ron Vice-President Juan Gonzalez said this launching answers the need to increase the diversity of the exports for his enterprise. He added it is made of special sugar canes harvested in the Cuban east region and treated especially to give it a unique flavour.

Among the brands that give prestige to Cuba-Ron is the Sao Can, to which Cuban son legend Benny More sang in the 1950´s.

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