62nd Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

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Cuba has the right to demand the U.S. to end aggression

Cuba has the right to demand from the United States respect for its sovereignty and the cessation of the policy of aggression, a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

U.S. pressures on third countries prove desperation against Cuba

The pressures of the United States on third countries to incite condemnations against Cuba, prove the desperation of the U.S. government in its crusade against the island

Cuban Foreign Ministry denounces interference campaign by the U.S. government

Johana Tablada, deputy director-general for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, says the U.S. is waging a pressure campaign on third countries searching for pronouncements against Cuba

Bridges of Love criticizes Biden inaction towards Cuba

The promoter of the Bridges of Love project, Carlos Lazo, criticized Tuesday the position of U.S. President Joe Biden, who is still studying future policies towards Cuba

Pan American Health Organization to donate 12 tons of medical supplies to Cuba

A donation of 12 tons of health supplies by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), will soon arrive in Cuba to support the response to the pandemic

Diaz-Canel visits San Antonio de los Baños

This is what Cristina Lorenzo said when he saw President Diaz-Canel walking down the streets of San Antonio de los Baños

Interview Granted by a Cuban American political activist about the U.S. economic Blockade on Cuba (+Video)

Talking about it, a Cuban American citizen and political activist named, Felix Sharpe-Caballero, helps to unveil and raising much more public and worldwide awareness on this long-term issue through this standard interview

Irish walk for Cuba and against the U.S. blockade

Irish people in solidarity with Cuba culminated this Wednesday in front of the provisional seat of Parliament in Dublin, a 60-kilometer walk in support of the Cuban people and against the U.S. blockade against the Caribbean island

Cuban protocol for action against COVID-19 modified

Cuba announced a modification of its national protocol against COVID-19. The measure aims to ensure that a person with a confirmed diagnosis does not stay at home for a single day

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© Radio Rebelde - 2020