62nd Anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution

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Russia condemns institutionalized U.S. lies against Cuba

The Russian Foreign Ministry considered the United States accusation against Cuba of supporting terrorism to be an institutionalized lie, to include the island on a unilateral list

President Díaz-Canel rejects new U.S. measures against Cuba

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel described as unjust the latest United States new measures against Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, and Venezuela

Cuba will expand the protocol for confrontation with Covid-19

Cuba will expand the confrontation protocol to the Covid-19 amid the current rebound of cases, authorities announced Wednesday

CARICOM joins international rejection of the Trump administration latest anti-Cuba measure

The Caribbean Community condemned Wednesday the inclusion of Cuba in the illegal U.S. State Department list of states sponsors of terrorism

New measures implemented in Havana to halt the spread of COVID19

In the aftermath of the return of Havana province to the Phase of autochthonous transmission, the Government of the capital announced Wednesday new measures to stop the spread of Covid-19

Cuba inclusion on the US List rejected in Latin America

Political figures in Latin America repudiate Cuba inclusion as a sponsor of terrorism in a controversial list drawn up by the US government

Cuba assures assistance and social security to the vulnerable

Cuban officials affirmed Monday that everything offered today in terms of social assistance and security on the island must be provided with quality and love

Foreign Ministry issues declaration on the inclusion of Cuba on State Department list of States sponsors of terrorism

The Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a declaration Monday evening on the State Department designation of Cuba as a State sponsor of terrorism

President of Cuba exalts people resistance against subversion

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel praised Monday the resilience of the island people in the face of U.S.-funded destabilization attempts

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