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Cuban Govt. announces new measures to stop the spread of COVID-19

2020-03-24 23:22:03 / ACN

Cuban Govt. announces new measures to stop the spread of COVID-19

Cuban government announced new measures aimed at protecting the population from the possible spread of COVID-19 in the country, PM Manuel Marrero Cruz said on Monday during his address on the Mesa Redonda TV program.

Marrero Cruz stated that special attention was given to the suggestions of the population since last Friday when Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel, accompanied by part of the Council of Ministers, informed the first measures related to the pandemic.

He pointed out that there is still a low risk perception in a sector of the population and indisciplines have been identified in relation to the indications of the Ministry of Public Health.

The PM expressed that the Cuban government has the responsibility to implement measures to combat the pandemic and also has the duty to control and enforce them.

The new measures are:

- Starting Tuesday, classes are interrupted in all schools in the country until Monday, April 20.

- Children's day-care centers will remain open under flexible conditions.

- As of Monday midnight, no foreign visitors will be allowed to enter the country (it was specified that Cuban residents who do so will be transferred to isolation centers for 14 days, the incubation period of COVID-19).

- The isolation centers chosen comply with health ministry requirements (educational institutions, most of them closed, health ministry facilities and popular camping with good standards).

- Resident citizens who arrived this weekend are isolated in their places of residence while the conditions of the isolation centers were created.

- There are currently more than 42,000 foreign citizens in Cuba, 10,200 of whom are Cuban immigrants.

- As of Tuesday, the tourists who are still staying in the hotels will be in isolation.

- All tourist excursions and rental cars are suspended.

- The gradual transfer of tourists staying in rental houses in regions such as Trinidad, Baracoa and Viñales to hotels is indicated. In some rental houses the required conditions do not exist, since tourists live with Cubans and the aim is to protect both parties' lives.

- As a trend, the entrance of tourists to the country has decreased, while the outflow of Cuban citizens has increased (more than 1,720 Cubans left the country on Sunday despite the complex international situation generated by the pandemic).

- Each passenger flying to Cuba will only be allowed to carry one hand luggage and one suitcase.

- The water supply to Havana is being studied and concrete measures are being taken after the residents of the city raised concerns, in a scenario where the liquid is vital for the fulfillment of hygienic measures.

- All Cubans arriving in the airport will be transferred to their province, and family members are asked not to go to the airport to meet them.

-Suspend interprovincial transportation (land, rail and air). Includes private.

- Analyze the urban transport situation (two million people use it daily)

-Starting Tuesday (March 24) all tourists will be in a condition of isolation in hotels (suspension of tourist excursions and car rental for the sector).

-The tourists who are staying in rental houses will also be in a condition of isolation (currently 9,413, of which 6,000 are in Havana).

-Tourists staying in rental houses where they live with Cuban families will be gradually transferred to hotel facilities. Priority is given to Trinidad, Viñales and Baracoa. The government assumes the transportation costs.

-Closure of private swimming pools and gyms dedicated to marketing.

-Keeping some hotels in operation for national tourism, although this is not encouraged.

- Measures will be implemented to avoid concentration of people in stores (there must be a meter away among people).

-To avoid crowding: regulation of sales of released products, bringing the supply closer to homes, increasing home sales, eliminating sales in crowded places.

- The sale of certain products through the food card is analyzed.

- Religious facilities were asked to avoid concentrations of people

-Strengthen gradually the police work on the streets to ensure fulfillment of the measures. It does not exonerate the administrations from their responsibility.

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