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Cuban medical brigade ends its mission in Peru

2020-12-21 10:53:49 / RHC

Cuban medical brigade ends its mission in Peru

The Cuban medical brigade that for more than six months fought in Peru against COVID-19 concluded its presence in that country with a tribute to the Peruvian doctors who were victims of the pandemic, especially three of them who graduated in Cuba.

The tribute was held at the front of the Peruvian Medical College, with the Cuban Ambassador, Sergio Gonzalez, the chief of the brigade, Raudel Vargas; the president of the Association of Graduates in the Island, relatives of the deceased and solidarity activists.

Ambassador Gonzalez began his speech by reading the poem Masa, by Cesar Vallejo, a hymn to solidarity, and lamented that there is 'much selfishness and meanness in a not insignificant part of the circles of power, which prevents the realization of universal solidarity.'

He emphasized in that context that there are millions of people with great moral integrity and will to save lives, such as more than 250 Peruvian doctors who have succumbed to the pandemic, among them Dr. Hilber Montoya, José Paredes, and Pavel Cervantes, 'trained in the profound humanist values of the Cuban revolution, reported  Prensa Latina news agency.

The president of the Association of Peruvian Graduates in Cuba, Tania Saavedra, said that their deceased colleagues, despite their physical departure, they are present with their example and sacrifice.

The most emotional moment came with the presentation of commemorative medals to the mothers of José Paredes, Rosario Abanto; and Pavel Cervantes, Imelda Cavero, and Hilber Montoya's sister, Luz Montoya.

All three expressed their grief for the loss and their pride in the altruistic dedication of their families in the harsh conditions of the fight against COVID-19.

The participants placed floral offerings at the memorial with the Peruvian doctors' photos who died from the pandemic.

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