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Cubans Enjoy Northern Russia in Photos

2010.02.05 - 17:41:51 / ACN

SANTIAGO DE CUBA. - Natural landscapes in the northern end of the world, adorned with the majestic architecture of Russian monasteries, travel through the heat of the Cuban cities through the lens of photographer Guenádiy Smirnov.


The Gallery of the Rialto Film Center of Santiago de Cuba received the 22 pieces that make up the exhibition, which displays the history, spirituality, natural beauty and orthodox ceremonies from the world’s largest country in through Cuban sites that have been declared World Heritage.


Violeta Sherbyna, vice president of the Russian-speaking community in Cuba, said at the exhibition’s opening, that this is an important step in the restoration of cultural relations between Cuba and Russia, which after a period of intense relations remained dormant.


The exhibition aims at drawing attention to the history and culture of the

Eurasian country in a year full of activities that will strengthen these ties, as the

International Book Fair, dedicated to Russia and the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations, Sherbyna expressed.


The Russian North as a region is the historical symbol of Russian cultural resistance, as their inaccessible places became shelters for those who protected the spiritual traditions of the people.


The photos portray the religion and the peacefulness in the northern regions and the constructions of the ancient monasteries, unique in their beauty, in harmony with nature and the peculiar historical and architectural profiles of the oldest cities.


Guenádiy Smirnov is a dedicated physical researcher in the field of quantum electronics, which also cultivates his artistic side through photography.


Smirnov is a member of the Russian Union of Journalists and the International

Association "Union of Designers," and won the 1997 UNESCO Prize for his photographs on patrimony.


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