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Díaz-Canel: The Cuban people write a heroic page of resistance

2020-10-29 09:57:23 / RHC

Díaz-Canel: The Cuban people write a heroic page of resistanceCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, affirmed Wednesday the Cuban people are writing a heroic page of resistance by confronting the Covid-19 and the world crisis, combined with the intensification of the US blockade.

In the closing of the V ordinary session of the Parliament in its IX legislature, the President stated that there had been no truce during the pandemic in Washington's war to obliterate the example of sovereignty that the Caribbean nation represents.

However, Diaz-Canel said this stage had demonstrated the capacities of the planned economy and the Cuban health system to provide care to everyone without distinctions and cooperate with other countries that needed it.

He added that while inequalities take their toll in other nations, causing the death of thousands of people and the precariousness and poverty of millions of human beings, Cuba has succeeded in confronting the disease.

Diaz-Canel talked about a group of experts from various disciplines, who laid the foundations of the solid strategy that the country implemented in the fight against the new coronavirus.

"All this is the result of socialism," highlighted the President, who exalted that it is the most humane and fair system in history.

He added that the fact that a small country courageously resists the attacks of its adversary, the most powerful that exists, is due to humanism, the unity around the Communist Party, and the leadership of  Fidel and Raul Castro, and of the men who made the revolution.

"That resistance can only be explained by the strength of a people expert in resisting and winning," said the President, who considered resilience to be a component of the DNA of Cubans.

All challenges can be defeated, and we Cubans are proving once again that it can be done, Diaz-Canel told the deputies. He pointed out the intense campaign of hate against Cuba financed from abroad and the constant aggression against the economy.

He classified the almost daily threats and sanctions as a shameful and infamous outrage because the economic strangulation, the financial persecution, the threat to third parties, and the refusal to accept a position different from their interests cannot be called politics.

Cuba is growing -he said-, and those who want to write the epitaph of the triumphant revolution will be left with the desire.

Diaz-Canel thanked the Cuban people and asked the deputies to applaud them as a special tribute to them, because without their understanding of the measures, without everyone's participation, it would not have been possible to move forward amid so many obstacles.

"Thank you, Cuba, it will always be an honor to be at your service, beloved Homeland", he concluded.

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© Radio Rebelde - 2020