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Cuba expects over 400 weekly flights with the reopening of borders

With the reopening of air borders on November 15, as part of its return to normality after curbing the COVID-19 pandemic

Cuba bets on tourism as the sector that will lead the recovery of its economy

Cuban Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, says that the Island is counting on tourism as the sector that will lead the country out of its current economic slump

Blue Diamond Resorts hotel chain to reopen facilities in Cuba

Blue Diamond Resorts, the fastest-growing hotel chain in the Caribbean, announced Tuesday that it is ready to reopen its facilities in Cuba for the winter season starting in November

FELTI: Digital Transformation and Business Opportunities

Its organizers have proposed that it could be a space where Cuba can show its products in the field

Cuba highlights its business opportunities in Japan

Cuba ambassador to Japan, Miguel Angel Ramirez, highlighted the opportunities that are opening up for Japanese businessmen in the midst of the socio-economic transformations

The US economic Blockade causes Severe Damages to the Cuban Industry

it is impossible to carry out financial transactions using the US dollar as the payment currency

Cuba to Increase its Agricultural Grain Production

García Rodas highlighted that in the first quarter of the year 2022 the country will be able to have seeds to sow some three thousand hectares

GEDEME: First Prototype of Cuban Cell Phone under Development

GEDEME focuses its work on two main programs such as energy efficiency and the computerization of Cuban society

Cuba for energy sovereignty and renewable energy sources

One of the strategic lines of the development plan towards 2030 is focused on achieving energy sovereignty in Cuba

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