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eSports: ´Team Cuba´ trying to win The Fire competition again

2021-06-14 19:56:03 / web.radiorebelde@icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

eSports: ´Team Cuba´ trying to win The Fire competition again

Havana. During these days, the IV edition of the Fire Tournament takes place in the game Clash Of Clans, where the Cuban team “Team Cuba” competes for the second time in history in these events, after dominating the first edition of these events through an excellent performance.

The Cuban squad seeks to reign among 40 world-class groups that have been divided into eight groups by the founder and current organizer of these events, “shioN”, a commentator specialized in this Supercell esport.

The ´Team Cuba´ presents a different squad than the one that won the first title that was awarded, but this is no reason to discourage the Cubans who now chose Ernesto Javier “Mr Yonki” García García as its captain in spite of the fact that they all live overseas,so they proudly represent the country's flag and they are a reference for the video game community in the country.

"Mr Yonki" spoke to Radio Rebelde station about this journey to gain again ´El Fuego´ (The fire).

The ´Team Cuba´ has already won the first edition of this tournament and you were not part of the team at that time. When do you join and how do you become a captain of it?

In my beginnings in the game, I focused more on the ladder (a modality within the game where points are accumulated and those who get the most are regarded as the more outstanding) than in the competitive game, it was what most caught my attention at the time, some years ago.

Then I met "Flint", one of those who won the first edition of the Fire Tournament with this team. He introduced me to the team, and we all became good friends, given we are all Cubans and most of us are from Santa Clara (Villa Clara) in the end.

At that point, I became more interested in the competitive game. As I am very active in the game, I am aware of everything and added to the fact that the other players on the team have many responsibilities, they appointed me as a captain. Thanks I have time, I can watch the social networks and everything related to team management, and here we are, pushing forward with great enthusiasm and all our strength.

List of Players:

- FLINT (now called Ruthless)
- BXflo210

As for this fourth edition, were you invited or did you have to go through a selection process?
We came through a sponsor. In this case, when we speak about a sponsor, we refer to someone who supports the channel of the founder and current organizer of the “shioN” Fire Tournament.

Usually the teams that arrive in this way should not face elimination rounds, but in this edition teams that have competed in the world championship participate, such as the "Team Warrior" for example, and due to that reason, all those who wanted to compete had to pass the qualifying phase. In that instance, we were able to win the match that we were appointed before a team that played the previous stage of the World Cup.
Which is the phase of the tournament now?

Now the tournament is in the group stage. There are eight groups of five teams and the first two ones with the most stars will pass after playing the free-for-all system. Then the direct elimination system will be used.

At this stage we already won our first war and it was against ´J.X.T´ that participated in the previous stage of the world event. We got the victory 15 stars by 13, perfect war, and next Monday or Tuesday we will play our second game against the old ´Team Queso´ that is now called ´Tompina Empire´, one of the most recognized one worldwide through the device video-mobile games.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about “Team Cuba”?

In my opinion,the best thing is the unity that the team has. If someone cannot compete, no one competes, if any of us suffers, we all suffer. We make all the decisions together and that gives us great strength as a group.

How does the calendar follow?

In our group, there is also a team from Colombia and one from Japan, only the Colombians and we have not reached a World Cup, not because of a low level, but because we have not had the necessary support to face this competitive rigor.

After playing with ´Tompina Empire, ´ we plan to do it with the Colombians and then we will adjust the schedule to meet all the games scheduled in the group.

Anything else to add?

Yes. It is important to explain that at the level we are currently playing it is necessary to use third party services to achieve the best results. What I mean by this is that we hire the services of ´base builders´ to design our defenses.

Why is this done? Because you can be very good in attack, but if you don't have a good defense, you lose easily. This topic of hiring designers is not new; it is common and necessary for many teams.

By Antonio Sevila Hidalgo

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