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Experts Receive Training on Patrimony Conservation on Emergencies

2010.02.06 - 13:14:57 / ACN

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.- The 3rd training workshop about the protection of patrimonial assets in the face of emergency situations, sponsored by New York’s Social Sciences Council, is underway in this eastern city of Cuba.


The event is hosted by the centenarian Elvira Cape library of Santiago de Cuba treasuring the largest stock of documents of high historical value.


With the participation of international meteorology and earthquake experts and members of the Cuban Consultant Council for Emergency Situations of the Patrimony, the meeting focuses on the training of experts in the protection of patrimonial assets, in particular of documents due to the great volume and vulnerability in the face of risk factors. 


Ana Maria Perez, the workshop’s coordinator told ACN that regular training on prevention, control and recovery in cases of natural or man-led disasters will avoid losing an important part of the historical memories of both the Cuban and universal culture.


In addition, she explained that the event addresses, in particular, disasters caused by quakes as Santiago de Cuba is prone to telluric movements.


Attending the event are Walter Newman, an expert with the Northeastern Conservation and Restoration Center of Massachusetts in the United States; Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff, French representative of the International Committee of the Blue Shield; and Jamaican Beverly Lashley, coordinator of the Caribbean Network of Information about Disasters.


The workshop acts as advisor entity on the protection of endangered patrimonial material and becomes a space for exchange of experiences about the topic.

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