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GEDEME: First Prototype of Cuban Cell Phone under Development

2021-05-24 23:41:16 / web.radiorebelde@icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

GEDEME: First Prototype of Cuban Cell Phone under Development

Havana. Under the premises of business growth, experience in the field of electronics and the potential of knowledge on human capital, The local GEDEME, the Industrial Company for Informatics, Communications and Electronics is synonymous with innovative thinking and sustainability of the related processes.

Although the leading products of the company are high technology, GEDEME has incorporated into the work dynamics to strengthen the national industry, much more at present, especially when the impacts of the U.S. economic blockade have prevented access to recognized producers in the area.

“What have we done? First of all, we have developed things which we did not do previously. We have been developing equipment and thus building the chassis, lamps, so we are carrying out new projects to achieve a greater computerization of our schools, along with a team that turns the televisions sets into interactive ones and to be able to use these resources that we already had with a minimum of expenses, a minimum of import, and that is in which we are working hard together with the Ministry of Education and the UCI”. René Cano Díaz, general director of the entity, spoke about the initiatives in which they have been inserted.

“Gedeme has developed and it is almost in the final stage of the first prototype of a Cuban cell phone, conformed to a local architecture for the conditions of our country, along with the software and systems developed by Cuban institutions." René Cano Díaz said.

“We should start assembling them by the end of this month. It is a first test with 6 thousand units that are destined for the local Etecsa and Copextel enterprises. It is something very positive that we have been working together for a year. The equipment was approved”. He said.

Cano Díaz pointed out that it will not come out with its own operating system in this first stage, but in a second phase, it comes out with an operating system developed with the local UCI with which they have kept a working agreement.

The company has the necessary conditions to move towards new markets, on the basis of generating trust in its clients and establishing chains and alliances to achieve more productivity, thus getting the continuity of its growth.

“We have already gone a little further on some issues. We managed to make a lamp, before we brought the body or did maintenance to it. The first thousand will be released this month, the body of the lamp being manufactured together with the luminaire. We are now immersed in a project with a wind turbine, which is being developed by one of our UEB located in Cerro con la Cujae facilities. We are substituting imports with Etecsa that manufactured 50 towers that it needs for its mobile phone programs”. He said.

“This was being imported; today we are doing it in one of our centers. We are also working on everything that is the manufacture of electric boards as a substitution of imports”. He said.

The institution has also entered into the electronic commerce with products such as aluminum carpentry, electronic refrigeration protector, led bulbs and the upcoming incorporation of assembled computers in the country.

It focuses its work on two main programs: energy efficiency and the computerization of Cuban society, given they are distinguished with a plan that includes the laptops, tablets, and servers manufacturing process.

GEDEME takes on challenges in research, design and innovation and the technologies implementation that allow its products and services to be homologated. Producing for Cuba and generating new business opportunities is its main goal.

By Antonio Jesús Matos Reyes

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