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Happy between the Mountains and the Sea

2021-09-27 12:00:31 / web.radiorebelde@icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

Happy between the Mountains and the Sea

They are perhaps running happily through their homes´ courtyard now. She is very close to the sea in the fishing town of this city, the child on the slopes of the Sierra Maestra Mountain range, which is located in the local El Bon neighborhood in Pilón municipality.

They do not know each other, but they have a similar age (7 years old), the first grade of the primary education; the mischief, along with the innocence and love they receive from both families. The feeling is greater today because the joy spreads in them and is identical in friends of a similar age: they were administered the first dose of the local Soverana 02 vaccine a few hours ago, an immunogen that protects them against COVID-19.

Francisco Alexeis Torres Salazar is easygoing while speaking on phone and tells me:

“The day it was my turn, I woke up early; I didn't want to be late to the school where they are vaccinating. Mom accompanied me and my father "took" us the pictures, using his cell phone ".

"What if I cried? No. It was a little prick "there". The nurse stroked my arm and when I was going to place it on my mother's thighs; I had almost been vaccinated, how fast! It didn't make me feel anything. I want to go back to the classroom with my little friends. I like baseball and I prefer Alexander Malleta from Industriales ”, said the little boy, whose first name is similar to that of his grandfather, an experienced pediatrician in that territory, and the second one honors that of a friend of his father.

The parents, Addalis Torres González and Mailen Salazar Rubio, are educators. Highly excited, she, who is the head of the cycle at the local Augusto César Sandino school, where the boy studies, told us that that moment was very special:

“We were expecting it with full confidence in the scientists of our country, which shows that children are the most important treasure”.

“This period of time has imposed on us the challenge of taking better care of ourselves and I believe that our children have been an example in that sense by offering us environments in which they can study and recreate for when they return to school. Starting the pediatric vaccination scheme is an immense peace of mind for us and the family". She said.

Yelany Figuera Reyes lives in the popular K Street in the local Ciudad Pesquera, the first community that was built after the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution for the former forgotten fishermen by Fidel Castro´s initiative.

“The girl is in first grade at the Manuel Ascunce mixed center and this week she experienced one of the most exciting moments of the last year and a half. Undoubtedly, it is a light on the path for him to return to the classroom, next to his friends and teachers and continue learning”. Yariannis Reyes del Valle, the mother, said.

“I already know how to read and write. They administered me Soverana, to protect me from the Coronavirus. I felt good. Children like us have to take better care of ourselves now”, Yelany said, some minutes after leaving the classroom, where a medical student was watching the health evolution of just over ten recently injected children.
- And why do you say that?

“Because the vaccine does not work alone, we have to help it and also, there are three doses, washing our hands with soap and water, using alcohol on them afterwards, using the face mask properly and keeping our physical distance when we go out are some of the measures we have to comply with ". She said.

Francisco Alexeis and Yelany are two of the thousands of children from Granma province who are currently being administered the first dose of local Soberana 02 vaccine and they are now a little more immune and protected. He is Happy there in the Sierra Maestra; she is very close to the cool breeze she receives from the sea.

By Roberto Mesa Matos

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