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Interferon Alpha 2B, among the most used to tackle COVID-19

2020-03-20 13:09:35 / ACN

Interferon Alpha 2B, among the most used to tackle COVID-19

The Recombinant Alpha Interferon 2B, a drug that Cuba produces and which is also made with Cuban technology in the Chang Heber joint venture, has a wide reach in the treatment of COVID-19 in China and other nations.

Santiago Dueñas Carrera, deputy general manager of Chang Heber (located in China), specified that the drug is one of the most widely used to treat the new coronavirus in the Asian nation, especially in the aerosol format, due to its antiviral action mechanism that is related to the body's immune system.

He explained that, following the call of the Chinese National Health Commission to release Interferon to fight the new coronavirus epidemic in early 2020, Chang Heber joined the fight against the disease.

Dueñas clarified that in China other companies manufacture Interferon, however, the one produced with Cuban technology is one of the most demanded and effective, mainly to supply health personnel in contact with patients at risk.

The use of this interferon in China - and also in the other countries that have been requesting it - represents recognition of the capacity of the CXuban Biotech industry to develop safe and effective technologies, the executive assured.

The Chang Heber Cuban-Chinese joint venture was created in 2003 in the Asian nation, and is dedicated mainly to the production and marketing of biotechnology products, especially Recombinant Alpha Interferon 2B, with Cuban technology created by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym).

Currently, and as reported by the BioCubaFarma Group, several nations are interested in this Interferon, as an effective tool to combat the new Coronavirus causing COVID-19, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Mundial de la Salud.

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