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Iran Denies Possible Meeting With the US

2019-07-15 10:57:44 / PL

Iran Denies Possible Meeting With the US

The Foreign Ministry of Iran denied on Sunday a possible meeting with the United States disclaiming they would negotiate at any level.

According to Seyyed Abbas Musavi, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry quoted by the news agency Irna, in recent days some media reported on feasible talks between Tehran and Washington with the participation of Russia as an intermediary, which is false.

Iran has already stated that the country will not negotiate with the White House while US arbitrary sanctions against Tehran are in force violating the United Nations Charter, the diplomatic official assured.

The tension between the United States and Iran has risen since US President, Donald Trump, decided to leave in 2018 the nuclear agreement agreed with the Iranian Government, European nations, Russia and China.

The former UK ambassador in Washington, Kim Darroch, ensured in a top secret report revealed this Sunday in London that Trump turned against the nuclear pact with Iran with the purpose of erasing his predecessor Barack Obama's legacy.

A week ago, the Iranian government's spokesman, Ali Rabii, disclosed they would officially exceed the uranium enrichment limit of 3.67 percent established in the treaty called Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.

We will not remain following the agreement at any price although we will do everything possible to preserve it; our stay will depend on the other side, and any decision we take will be based on national interests, Rabii added.

The crisis between the two countries is going up every day to the point that on June 21 Trump passed military attacks against Iran, which he called off at the last minute, in response to the alleged demolition of a US drone because of trespassing the airspace of Tehran.

Meanwhile, US sanctions against the sale of Iranian oil persist despite the punishments imposed 14 months ago, the Islamic Republic is resisting, President Hassan Rohani assured on Sunday.

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