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Mexican President condemns U.S. refusal to invite Cuba to the Summit of the Americas

2022-05-03 22:13:00 / RHC

Mexican President condemns U.S. refusal to invite Cuba to the Summit of the Americas

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador condemned the failure to invite the government of Cuba and other countries to the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, California.

In his morning press conference this Monday at the National Palace, the Mexican president asked himself how can we not invite everyone, where are they from, what continent, what galaxy, what satellite are they from?

But, in addition, we are going to dialogue, understand each other, be brothers and sisters, and we have to say no to confrontation.

López Obrador revealed that he discussed this issue very directly in his telephone conversation with U.S. President Joe Biden last week and that he agreed that he would think about it. Hopefully, there will be an open invitation. Whoever does not want to go should not go, but nobody should be excluded, the Mexican President stressed.

He denounced that internal groups in the United States are opposed because they have taken advantage of this excluding anti-Cuban policy. They have taken many political and economic benefits, but enough to be profiting from the pain and suffering of the people.

He gave an example the situation in Mexico. Imagine, he said, the Mexican emigrants, our brothers, compared to the Cubans. Our compatriots help us with more than 50 billion dollars a year in remittances, and this has nothing to do with ideology, parties, or politics. It is family aid.

Then, why not give that possibility to the Cubans living there and having their relatives in Cuba. Why suffocate them?

I have already said it once, that if they succeeded in their purpose, because of the situation caused by the blockade, they would drive the Cuban people against their government, which I do not see as feasible at all because of the dignity of that people who have resisted that war for 60 years, it would be very mean.

And he repeated the idea to make his position clearer: if the blockade policy is for the people to rebel against their authorities, it would be mean, it would be like winning an immoral Pyrrhic battle, and that policy that action would be a stain that could not be removed even with all the water in the oceans.

It is time for transformation in the world; we cannot continue with the same policy of exclusion and aggression, we must all unite, seek dialogue, and not continue creating suffering of the people for political purposes, he said.

Some politicians in the United States, since there are elections, are already doing their things to incite even invasions. How are they going to talk about an invasion? he asked.

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