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New Portal Presented in Cuba

2010.02.06 - 13:08:18 / ACN

BAYAMO, Cuba.- The portal Ibermuseos (Latin American Museums), aimed at incorporating and spreading actions in defense of the cultural heritage of the Latin

American peoples, was presented on Friday in the eastern Cuban province of Granma.


Available through www.ibermuseos.org, it includes updated information on art galleries and the estate of the 22 countries in the region, and offers specialized information on this field.


Roberta Ribeiro, consultant with the project, explained that the web site has a decentralized and participatory structure on a free software operating system, to facilitate access and collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between experts in the area.


It will also promote events, magazines and other publications from Latin America.


She added that it offers services in Portuguese and Spanish, and has links with other portals on the Internet dedicated to the work of museums and the promotion and preservation of heritage.


The presentation took place at the Plaza de la Patria of Bayamo city, and included the distribution of texts on the program of Ibermuseos, in order to contribute to socialize the knowledge of tat initiative in cultural institutions and educational centers in Granma. 


These actions are part of the program of the scientific conference “The

Cultural Heritage of Latin American Peoples”, which began on Thursday in Bayamo and will conclude on Sunday.


The meeting is attended by representatives of the Brazilian Institute of Museums, and the High School and the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico, as well as by researchers  and specialists from 11 Cuban provinces.  

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