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Parque Lenin Facility turns its 50th Anniversary

2022-05-02 23:34:37 / / JC Caballero Puig

Parque Lenin Facility turns its 50th Anniversary

The Mariposa UEB Thematic Park, which is part of the local Lenin Park enterprise of Havana city that turned its 22nd anniversary, is immersed in a wide refurbishing and maintenance process of each of its areas and entertaining equipment.

It is a project conceived from the local governing body in close collaboration with the local Business group of the Iron and Steel Industry and other economic actors.

According to the evaluations of its director, Leonardo Campos Almeida, the Public acceptance has been good after its reopening last April 3rd. 

He explained that out of a total of 17 equipment there are active nine related devices and five attractions and he added the incorporation of three more teams is planned for the months of June and July. 

“The enterprises that are immersed in the repair process have the necessary resources for its execution; however, there are others equipment like the glider and the flying chair that inevitablyneed imported spare parts”. He insisted that it is being carried out all to recover those equipment for the Cuban family´s enjoyment. 

The Varona Metal-Mechanical Company and the Integral Automation Company (CEDAI) work together to achieve the incorporation of three other equipment acquired by the country four years ago, and due to  difficulties experienced in the reconversion of their programming codes, they have not yet been put into exploitation and it is expected they will start working by Summer time.  

Another of the projects in which the local Parque Lenin is involved and which generates large expectations in the population is the rescue of its railway activity.

According to its General Director, Annia Massino Castro, there is an ongoing hard work being carried out for the reinstatement of one of the facility's longest-standing attractions.

The little train will be put into operation by the end of this year or the first quarter of 2022, and for such effort, the work by the workers of the enterprise, along with the Ministry of Transport and the Sugar Business Group is added.

Parque Lenin Facility turns its 50th Anniversary

Massino Castro said that in the first quarter of 2022 the company overachieved the economic indicators and managed to reach a level of profits of more than $ 1.7 million Pesos (local currency), along with a sustainability of the resources received. 

“Self-management carried out by each of the Base Business enterprises  has allowed to ensure compliance with sales plans and the possibility of covering expenses with own resources.” He said. 

Under the principle of expanding the offer, the directive stated that the enterprise develops production chains with all forms of management and allows them to guarantee a significant level of resources to make the service sustainable.

It meant that having trained each of the workers in the understanding and assimilation of this new stage has allowed them to feel identified and committed to the process of improvement of services. 

The economic director of Parque Lenin, Rachel Quintana García, explained that according to the technical letter of each product, the Cost data are established, and there is a list of prices capped in the third category. 

“If the cost of any product exceeds the fixed price, we seek under Resolution 99 other offers that compensate one production with another and thus avoid losses”. He said. 

He insisted on the idea that those analyzes are carried out in order to not affect the local population. 

From the economic transformations of the country, the Lenin Park facility of Havana city implements 20 of the measures arranged to strengthen the Socialist State enterprise and seeks, along with the Pixel enterprise, the creation of the first mixed local Mipyme between the state and private sectors. 

Parque Lenin Facility turns its 50th Anniversary

The project submitted to the Ministry of Economy and Planning and subject to approval provides for a new form of sustainable management of which its purpose is to achieve an increasingly better park, as said by Leonardo Campos, director of the Mariposa Park UEB:

“The feasibility study showed that from a credit of $ 11 million Pesos requested from the bank for its operation in the first month there would be losses, and in seven months, we would recover the credit and in a year over $ 90 million pesos of income with a $22Millions profit". 

Workers and directors of the enterprise and its fourteen enterprises, and Grassroots Business Organizations face the challenge about preserving one of the most beautiful and emblematic facilities in the Cuban capital city.

Some 50 years after its creation, the Lenin Park in Havana city keeps being a benchmark of attraction for the Cuban family.

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