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Paul Johnson calls for closer Bilateral Ties between States United States and Cuba

2022-04-18 13:28:06 / / JC Caballero Puig

Paul Johnson calls for closer Bilateral Ties between States United States and Cuba

Speaking to the national Press, the president of the Agricultural Coalition of United States, Paul Johnson highlighted the close ties that unite Cuba producers of both countries in pursuit of a common goal that is guaranteeing food for the people.

The improvement in commercial, financial and political relations between the two governments would allow American farmers to export a group of foods that are difficult to produce in Cuba, as is the case of wheat, soybeans and feed and the possibility in terms of exchanging knowledge and ways of doing it, said the American manager, at the III Cuba-United States conference initiated in Havana city.

He also predicted that this will be a difficult year for Cuba in terms of production due to the lack of fertilizers and other inputs, along with the devastating effects of the US blockade.

He spoke of hope and recognized the transformations in the agricultural sector and the creation of new economic actors.

The coalition works with Republicans and Democrats to change the hostile policy on Cuba.

“The Biden administration has done nothing or a real chance to help. We are in a position to discuss the methods and objectives of the US blockade, and that is why we are here today to push". He said.

He mentioned the agreement signed between the local Sanidad Vegetal Department and its US counterpart for the purpose of improving potato production in the country and pointed out that this project, in the second year of testing, seeks to determine if it is possible to cultivate certain varieties of potato in Cuba.

He valued as essential the application of science for the development of agricultural productions and agreed that Cuban scientists are very capable in this sense.

He questioned how much could be achieved from the exchange between experts from both countries if there were no cracks in the bilateral relations.

As part of his working tour in Cuba, Paul Johnson announced the visit to the producers of the local Cooperatives of Credits and Services (CCS) and Cooperatives of Agricultural Production (CPA) of the Mayabeque province in order to talk directly to the peasants and learn how they carry out the work in the furrow.

The delegation of the Cuba-United States Agricultural Coalition consists of 25 entrepreneurs from different unions linked to the production of rice, wheat, corn, beans, milk and chicken, as well as exporters of beer and otheralcoholic drinks.

By Livhy Barceló Vázquez

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