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President Díaz-Canel rejects new U.S. measures against Cuba

2021-01-15 11:14:16 / RHC

President Díaz-Canel rejects new U.S. measures against Cuba

Cuban  President Miguel Díaz-Canel described as unjust the latest United States' new measures against Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

On Twitter,  the President denounced on Friday that 'the failed Trump administration does not cease in dictating unjust and unilateral measures against Cuba.'

We shall overcome', added Díaz-Canel, and he shared an article from the national newspaper Granma on these new actions by the outgoing U.S. government.

This Thursday, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the U.S. Department of Commerce established new controls for the export of technologies and specific activities that could serve military intelligence in China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, and other nations that supposedly support terrorism.

According to information published on this government agency's website, the modification is intended to 'prevent U.S. citizens from supporting unauthorized weapons of mass destruction programs.

The Department of Commerce also designated Cuba as a "foreign adversary" under a Trump executive order that gives the Commerce Secretary the authority to prohibit certain transactions that pose a risk to U.S. security in information and communications technology.

The measures are to take effect on March 16, according to the Commerce Department's publication.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez had earlier rejected the new coercive measures against the island, which he described as politically motivated.

Last Monday, Washington again included the Caribbean nation in the list of countries that allegedly are sponsors of terrorism, widely rejected by the international community.

That inclusion provoked a broad international rejection. Messages of support came to the island from regional blocks, governments, presidents, activists, European deputies, U.S. senators, communist parties, and solidarity groups.

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