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Havana prepares to begin the first stage of mass vaccination against COVID-19

Family doctor offices in Havana will become the clinical sites for starting the first stage of mass vaccination against COVID-19 in Cuba

Iran will be the first nation to produce one of Cuba anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

The inauguration in Iran of an anti-COVID-19 vaccine production plant called PastoCorona took place on Sunday

Cuba maintains a downward trend in Covid-19 cases

Cuba maintains the downward trend of Covid-19 cases; an achievement reached due to the permanence of the established hygienic-sanitary measures and the level of immunization

The Lancet Discovery Science corroborates the safety of Cuba Abdala vaccine

The British group The Lancet Discovery Science published a scientific article on the anti-COVID-19 Abdala vaccine, which shows that it is safe, well-tolerated, and induces a potent immune

Cuban scientists deliver a stern warning about prospects of COVID-19 pandemic

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez held on Tuesday a new meeting with scientists and experts involved in science and technological innovation activities in the fight against the new coronavirus

Donation of medical supplies from Italy arrives in Cuba

Cuba received on Tuesday a donation of medical supplies from Italy to support the fight against Covid-19

Abdala vaccine dossier is expected to be submitted to WHO in March

Researchers at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) plan to submit the dossier of the Cuban vaccine Abdala to the World Health Organization (WHO) in March

Cuban regulation authority authorizes registration of drug for the treatment of Alzheimer´s Disease

The Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) approved a conditional sanitary registration of Neuro-Epo, a drug from the Molecular Engineering Center with neuroprotective properties

Cuba foresees a slow decline in COVID-19 infections

Cuban scientists reported Tuesday that the trend of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island in the coming days is toward a slow decrease in the incidence of cases of the disease

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