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Sovereign 01 and 02 vaccines show positive results

2020-12-03 10:55:18 / RHC

Sovereign 01 and 02 vaccines show positive results

Cuba's vaccines, Sovereign 01 and 02 against Covid-19 show positive results and develop antibodies against the virus, announced the director of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines, Vicente Vérez.

Towards the long-awaited vaccine! Week 29. Special day! Several of the expected results are smiling at us. The antibodies give the virus a hard time! The two sovereigns are moving forward and a lot," said the scientist on Twitter.

Vérez emphasized that the work on the Cuban candidates is not resting for a minute.

"We are closer to the long-awaited vaccine. Long live Cuba," he said in another tweet.

The specialist recently indicated that the first project presented, Sovereign 01, already showed high safety, without important adverse effects, and with its five formulas applied in more than 100 persons.

"With this medicine, the aim is to increase the immune system's defenses in those patients who did not present symptoms of the disease," Vérez explained.

Likewise, he highlighted that Soberana 01 is still being studied and the objective before the end of 2020 is to discover which of its five formulas is the one that induces more immune response, to then move on to the next phase.

Vérez also referred to the Sovereign 02 candidate as a drug with "many advantages" since it manages to induce a high immune response and creates immunological memory.

 Both Sovereign 01 and 02 are included in the World Health Organization Draft. This site is a reference to official information about the vaccines that are advancing rapidly to counteract Covid-19.

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