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Las Tunas ends regular Cuban baseball season with a win

The Leñadores of Las Tunas defeated the Huracanes from Mayabeque, with a score of 10x4, and concluded the qualifying phase of the National Baseball Series

Arlenis Sierra crowned again on the road at continental level

Cuban Arlenis Sierra won her third title in the main event of the Pan American Road Cycling Championships, winning in the long-distance race at the event held in San Juan, Argentina

Eduardo Pimentel Vázquez: The Great Historical and Timeless Yoga Professor of Cuba

The footage includes some images of this ancient practice by some of his students in Cuba, along with his audiovisual testimony about his life and work and other aspects of general interest to the delight of Yoga lovers

Interview Granted by the President of the Cuban Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association Yonieddy Pupo

The current president of the Cuban Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Association, Yonieddy Pupo shares with the local and foreign martial audience his opinion on various topics of interest for the martial communit

Cuba announces Sports Selection for the Softball Pan American event

The contest that awards four tickets to the World Cup in New Zealand

President of the Cuban Karate Do Federation Presides Tribute and Posthumous Training at Aoki Dojo

Presided over and in the presence of the current President of the Cuban Karate Do Federation, Carmen Aizpurua, the tribute and corresponding Posthumous martial training was recently held in commemoration of the renowned Sensei and Shihan, Mario Rodríguez Suárez

Louis Michelle Sensei: an Old Friend of Cuba and the National and World Aikido (+ Video)

The last years of the Nineties were passing in Cuba when an experienced French Sensei of Aikido, and a professional in his working sphere for his nation of France and Cuba, made his appearance in the national martial context in Havana city, initially

Sifu Roberto Carrasco: Heir to the Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu of Cuban Sifu Gaspar for Cuba and the World

The footage includes the interview granted by the aforementioned Spanish Sifu, Roberto Rodríguez Carrasco, about the last years of his learning with the famous and then alive Cuban Sifu Gaspar

Atsuo Hiruma: the Main Sensei of Karate Do Shotokai martial style in Cuba and in the World (+ Video)

Atsuo Iruma, is also the Soke or main teacher of the Shotokai style of Karate Do in Cuba and in the world after the death of its founder who was the Japanese Sensei, Shigeru Egami, some decades ago

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© Radio Rebelde - 2020