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The Child who saved the bust of the National Hero

2017-09-19 10:32:47 / / JC Caballero Puig

The Child who saved the bust of the National Hero

The photo of the child that was holding the bust of José Martí while by the Irma Hurricane was passing through Ciego de Ávila province is everywhere on social networks.

Yander Zamora, who is the photographer of the Granma newspaper, caught the moment when the little boy hold the bust of the National Hero of Cuba that in front of the tree fallen down by the force of that mighty hurricane.

The comments that users write on the Facebook social network, after sharing their image, are horrifying ones.

I do not know if it was a bust of his school from the Punta Alegre town where this little boy lives. However, Yander Zamora told me that all that time that place was intensely struck by the Irma hurricane that bust was hugged by the child by practically saving the National Hero of Cuba from the powerful influence of the meteorological phenomenon.

This gesture says much more than some thousands words. It is a symbol of a great sensibility and the purity of the feelings, the huge spirituality, greatness of the values and the insuperable love.

That child, who hugged the bust of José Martí, did it with the same strength that José Martí left him his legacy to save the nation´s spirit.

By Angélica Paredes

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