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The first Appearance of the local Diana Buses in Holguin

2013.09.02 - 08:24:51 / / JC Caballero Puig

The first Appearance of the local Diana Buses in Holguin

A phone call was enough for the official announcement; the local Radio Rebelde station was specially invited to a ceremony of presentation and it would take place on Monday. We could hear from the other side of the phone call the words: “we would love to have your presence.”Moreover, it is worth saying that it was a proper reason for us.

The local routes of the busses of the Holguín city, which were not numerous due to the decrease in the stock of the available busses, started to change properly through the service of a new stock of buses of the new brand Diana which are made in Cuba, although the engine and some accessories are their only imported structures which make less expensive their costs of production.

Thanks to this group of nineteen busses which are assigned by the Cuban state to the citizens of one of the biggest cities of the nation. It has been reincorporated some new routes of the aforementioned buses which covers the peripheral neighborhoods in the center of the city and some of those routes covers long distances. Moreover, it is achieved the increase in relation to the frequencies of the main routes until the midnight or even more.

All is about a wider program and it is benefiting the other seven municipalities of the province, according to René Rodríguez who is the director of the transportation system in the province of Holguin. He and other local authorities participated in the official starting up ceremony of the new buses.

“The favorable inclusion of the new buses is also useful for the internal municipal service which is complicated in Holguín due to the great distances that should be walked to get to them, so there are seven municipalities, now half of the province, which are directly linked with other daily routes from this province capital through the use of the local Diana buses.” René Rodríguez said.

In short, there are up to thirty or five new buses, along with nine new buses named as semi-buses of which are made from the chassis and bodyworks of double-drive trucks which are being sent to the mountainous settlements of the region.

It is only through the recent incorporation of the abovementioned Diana buses in the region when it could be increased the current journeys through a daily service for the local transportation of one hundred thousand passengers on the new and different routes.

The intense sun was really up when we were already saying good bye to the workers from Holguín province; therefore, the gleaming and new buses have already departed through their different bus routes.

With a hand shake and an intense happiness, René Rodríguez, who is the happy director, said a phrase to us: “today is a glorious day.” However, I would add that it was also a glorious day for the rest of the inhabitants of Holguín province. By Aroldo Fombellida

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