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The Love and Voice of Ivette Cepeda

2021-02-19 21:34:01 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

The Love and Voice of Ivette Cepeda

The ones, who have the pleasure to know Ivette Cepeda out of the sceneries, know that she is a woman full of spirituality and deep human feelings when she plays any melody that shows what she carries in her heart.

As for the singer, love can cultivate and being offered to others. On February 14th, Valentine's Day, shares two new proposals for the public audience lover of her talent, and she made her statements to Radio Rebelde News Station.

Where were you working during the first months of the Quarantine?

“It has been a long time of Quarantine and there could be many additional months which have been valid. I dedicated myself to work intensely in spite of it should be from home. I could order many things in my agenda. I focused myself on making perfect the harmony of home, taking care of the family. I put into practice new cookery receipts.” She said.

“I am very thankful because we have not lack health and the work has been intense. We recently delivered the video material of the concert at the Karl Marx Theater for the ten ones of the Ivette Cepeda and Reflexion group that was carried out on November, 2018. We finished La Rosa de Jericó record.” She said. “I´m very pleased with the result. I used to long for new songs to be shared with the audience, who could enjoy from those themes within a few months.” She said.

Which were the proposals presented on the radio and social nets on February 14th?

“It is precisely on Valentine’s Day and Friendship that I want to give to the audience two songs. One of them is great classic entitled´El Romance de Curro, ´El Palmo de Joan Manuel Serrat.´ It is a song that was designed to be sung no more than three or four times a year because it moved me, and I think it should be a very especial context and many reasons for sing it. That Sunday February 14th, the audience could enjoy the video on my social nets.” She said.

“The other proposal represents for me friendship, love, trust, and true commitment, including the duet with Tony Ávila, who I appreciate so much. ´Silbando un bossanova´ (whistling a bossanova) is her song that is about to define what it is: the biggest.” She said.

You are a woman who does not need a date to talk about love. What does that feeling mean to you?

“In different stages of my life, we have had some approaches to the concept of love when that young defined it as an emotion that someone causes us. It has to do with specific users. My concept is another one. Love is the only what makes difference the man from all of that. It is a decision we are called to have towards others.” She said.

“It does not appear by itself, and it is not bestowed as a gift and we cultivate us as a plant, as a seed that is planted and we do not want to abandon. We are love recipients if we do not lack, we could ask for it. We should provide it for all- The art for cultivating it is the essence of living.” She said.

Which is the message for Saint Valentine's Day?

“On the day of love, choose to provide love and not the one you think that deserves it, but to the one who needs it. Treat the world as you want to be treated and benefit to your life because God opens all the doors who knows how to do it. Do the good and do not look to whom you do it. Do not resist giving a kiss and hug, sharing what you have. Give the best from me.” She said.

“We are living very difficult times, and we are being hardly proven. This generation has had to experience this. We have to know how to choose what we want to last. We should resist ourselves to do the wrong so that the feeling could survive. That is the key.” She said.

When can we enjoy an online concert by Ivette Cepeda?

“We have not planned an online concert yet. We have many projects for this year, keep working from home on many proposals, but I have not an exact date for a concert. We have been carrying out some video clips. The first in being premiered is the song entitled´El Romance de Curro El Palmo´ which is available from February 14th on my social networks.” She said.

By Erika Alfonso Villar

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