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The Pedagogy 2021 event to improve the Teaching in the World

2021-02-15 20:20:19 / web@radiorebelde.icrt.cu / JC Caballero Puig

The Pedagogy 2021 event to improve the Teaching in the World

Under the local slogan ´Encuentro por la Unidad de los Educadores´ (Meeting for unity of Educators), the International 2021 Pedagogical Congress carried out each of its debates virtually.

“Featured by the exchange of experiences in order to reach a high-quality teaching, the renowned academic event included 8 symposiums, one of which has the education on citizen values and the history for a culture of peace as its core. The current context was necessary to include such themes.” according to expert Darvelis Carracedo Aguilar, who leads that space.

With papers about the teaching-learning of the History of Cuba, aligned with the XXI century demands and the popular education as an emancipatory Latin American practice, the event was a very likely dialogue between José Martí and Paulo Freire. The symposium is about the importance of the historic memory for the training of the future generations.

“The historic memory promotes the continuity of the best ideas, attitudes of the people and personalities in mankind. This symposium is a space for exchanging, learning and socialization of good practice which reaffirm from that diversity the goal in terms of training the new generations, ethical behaviors, citizens and responsible in accordance to history and culture.” Carracedo Aguilar pointed out.

At the same time, another of the symposiums of the XVII event of the International Pedagogical Congress dedicates its debates to reflect about Science, technology and the innovation in favor of education. 

As for the expert, Fernando Ortega Cabrera, the meeting enables the exchange of space about the use of different technological tools in the teaching practice.

“It is a moment to be able to debate about the use of TICs as a mean not only of teaching but also reaching the goals of teaching in the students. We can talk about distant education, the use of smart digital black boards, technological rooms and the construction of websites.” Ortega Cabrera added.

With papers as social nets and virtual contexts for learning, a vision taking advantage of Instagram as well as the digital era includes new forms of exclusion in the inclusive teaching at a higher level. The symposium also debates about the skills that should have the teachers at present.

Composed by panels, courses and master conferences, master classes, the International 2021 Pedagogical Congress concluded recently its debates of which they have had the challenges of teaching as its core in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Since its beginning in 1986, the International Pedagogical Congress achieved to call more than 70.000 teachers from different part of the world.

By Mirtha E. Guerra Moré

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