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COVID-19 variants outpacing EU vaccines rollout

The European Commission has launched a new strategy designed to combat the new mutations of the coronavirus. The move comes amid mounting criticism of the bloc

New COVID variant in UK has strong mutations

A new coronavirus variant with a potentially worrying set of mutations has been identified in the UK with at least 32 cases so far, experts have said

Syringe shortage hampers Japan COVID-19 vaccination drive

Fears are growing in Japan – where an inoculation drive against COVID-19 will begin on Wednesday – that millions of doses of Pfizer vaccine

COVID crisis underscores need for U.S. housing reform

In the United States, the current COVID pandemic has underscored the need for fundamental housing reform. According to media sources, paying one rent

Luis Arce completes 100 days in office as president of Bolivia

The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, acknowledged on Tuesday to governors, municipalities and other officials of the country that his administration is prioritizing the vaccination against COVID-19

Senator calls to convene Security Commission over murders of social leaders in Colombia

Colombian senator for the Polo Democrático, Iván Cepeda, sent a letter to President Iván Duque in which he urgently asks him to convene the National Commission

Peru foreign minister resigns over COVID vaccine scandal

Peru foreign minister has resigned, the second top official to step down amid a growing scandal over politicians receiving COVID-19 vaccinations

Truck drivers carry out strike in Colombia

The president of the Colombian Confederation of Cargo Transporters (CCTC), Jorge Ignacio García González, told reporters that they have begun a truckers

UN Human Rights Commission to hear report on racist U.S. policing

A coalition of international human rights and legal groups are preparing to submit a report to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights about racist police practices in the United States

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